A slider is needed control the LOD pop-ins. It's a very easy solution to implement that will make all happy

Got my vote, please vote if you are an a High end pc👍

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Meh, I disagree with that. If MSFS is a 10 year project and we have already past the 1st year of MSFS, the technology between PCs 9 years from now will be way more advanced than the current XBox X.

And remember that X-Box players are more casual flight simmers (the hard core flight simmers have already purchased MSFS for PC). Most X-Box players will likely get bored of MSFS within a month, nevermind a year out. What about 3 years from now? Unless there is a really interesting add-on to pull X-Box players back to MSFS, 3 years from now, Microsoft will depend on the “hard core” flight simmers to purchase products in the MSFS marketplace. When PMDG releases their 747 and it ends up in the MSFS marketplace, it won’t be X-Box players purchasing the PMDG 747.

For that reason, I don’t think Asobo will permanently keep the PC version the same as X-Box. Because Microsoft/Asobo knows in the long run, revenue for MSFS will come from the PC players and not X-Box players (because like I said, most X-Box players will get bored of MSFS within 1 month), it doesn’t make sense to ignore the PC players.

It’s not LOD alone, there is some culling technique that also contributes the pop in and less detail. I hope they give us back the option to revert the graphics back to SU4 at the very least. At our choosing we should suffer bad FPS if we want.

True, but whoever said companies made decisions based on sensible reasons?

I don’t think MSFS is going to be a title that sells consoles. It’s not going to compete with the latest, and greatest third person shooter, for example. That’s really want consoles are best suited for. CoD, GoW, those will sell a console.

My hope is now that it has been released for the XBox they can now put more effort into fixing things that we currently have, instead of trying to tack on more things that aren’t really needed.

The LOD\Draw things is limitation of Xbox, not enough powerful.

Companies make decisions based on $$$. And in the long run, over the next 10 years, the $$$ is going to come from the PC users of MSFS, not the X-Box users. Like I said, most X-Box users will get bored of MSFS in 1 month. They won’t be buying add-ons from the MSFS marketplace, several years down the road.

Ergo, several years down the road, PC users = $$$$$$$$$$$ for Microsoft, while X-Box users = $0 for Microsoft.

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I read that the X-Box version of MSFS doesn’t have much options in the graphics settings like PC users have.

One of the few benefits to the end user of a fixed system spec.

Nah, revenue from MSFS in the long run will come from PC users that purchase in the MSFS marketplace. Most X-Box users are casual and will probably hold their interest in MSFS for at most, a month, before they get bored and move on to another video game.

Or get a PC. The XBox could end up being a gateway of sorts.

Yeah, except it’s not just pop-in. It’s overexposure, less autogen density, oversharpening, clouds, color, etc.etc

Thanks for posting this :+1:

Yup, by far, MSFS on PC has way more sliders and toggles to manipulate the graphics on PC. I don’t think it will be too much trouble to ask Asobo to add another slider to control the culling and distant pop-ins so Sim Update 5 performs more like Sim Update 4, for those who want it to (most likely people with powerful PCs will find the slider useful, I actually like the culling in Sim Update 5 as I get a nice FPS boost and it’s smoother).

I suspect it shouldn’t be too difficult for Asobo to add such a slider.

Why don’t you want a slider to control the culling and pop-in? It will be exactly the same for you right now if the slider is set on default. Don’t touch the slider and everything is the same for you. You don’t even make any sense.

The slider isn’t for you. The slider is for everyone else that want to tailor the culling and pop-in. If you don’t want anything to change, then leave the slider on the default and everything will work as it is working right now.


Yes, more options are…optional.

Well, I will admit to you, it may be a good idea after all.
We will see what Asobo thinks of the idea but after seeing the latest update (SU5) and the release of the XBox version, It appears to me that they are leaning the other direction. At the end of the day, it is the good of the many or should I say corporation and maintaining a steady cash cow that ultimately counts.

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This will be addressed with option and LOD will be higher then previous SU4 as well.
Regarding Your Feedback + Upcoming Hotfix


P3D forums, Reddit, Xplane forums, Avsim…etc…Pick your poison😂 Hordes of experts from all fields are there sharing their endless wisdom. This forum was a sort of safe haven, but SU5 changed that. Let’s hope we’re back to normal soon.


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