A strange issue after installing WU IV

Hi everybody.

I updated my FS with the without any problem as usual, but when I start the program I get each time this page( see image enclosed) which ask me tu update a residual 215 Mib. This issue occours every time i start the program despite the update to version !.15.7.0 was completed regularly.
Any idea from any of you?

You should be at - try making sure you’re updated in the Store first, then restart the sim.

Yup, we got a fix friday night, were now at 1.5.8

Yes I forgot to say that I have of course updated later to
I have first updated in the store but the problem is still there.

I see the version # in your screenshot now - missed it a minute ago. The only other thing I can think of is signing out of your Xbox account and then restart the sim. It will prompt you to sign back in. To sign out, I use the Game Bar. Start Key + G will bring that up. Click the settings icon on the top bar (far right), and choose Accounts. You’ll find the Sign Out button there.

Unfortunately no change after your solution…

Any other suggestion?
I’m worried this issue could let me have other problem with next update…

I have it too still downloading I will see if it’s done and restart the sim if I will have it too😰

Hi @WhoseverBreak72,
I’ve moved your topic into #bugs-and-issues:performance
This subcategory is for installation issues.
Thank you.

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Heyy,thx Will it be fixed soon?

Hi @pilotabdul123,
The only thing I can suggest is what @tclayton2k suggested. Make sure MSFS is not running.

This is for MS Store/Gaming Pass/DVD Version:

  1. Check Windows 10 for any updates (if any restart your PC)
  2. Check the MS Store for any updates
  3. Then launch MSFS again

If that does not work, you can try to “Repair” the MSFS app:
Windows Start > Settings > Apps > Microsoft Flight Simulator > Advanced Options > Repair

NOTE: If you click on “Reset” it may wipe out your MSFS install and a full download will start

But I have steam:(

Have you checked the MS Store for any updates? I believe some items come from there, like “gaming services”.

A note about Steam, if you “verify file integrity” that will also wipe out the install and you will need to redownload MSFS.

Can you upload a screenshot or is it the same as the first poster who started this topic?

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Yeah it’s the same as the first topic but if I am home I will check the ms store,if I see something I will message here

Restart Steam. This will prompt any update to kick in.

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I’m not 100% sure with Steam, it may have it’s own version or type of “gaming services”.

@somethingbrite, does Steam have a way like “Repair” that doesn’t force a full download?

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But I am still downloading msfs it’s almost done wanna see if it will do that again if Yh,do I have to uninstall steam and download it again?

:slight_smile: Let’s see what that does!

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Yeah haha,if something I will message here!

as far as for me is concerned no W10 update and no Ms Store Pending.
I own DVD version do you thing I could try you solution to “repair” the app without any risk?

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