A VR Success Story- IN PICTURES!

Can I have an honest opinion from the Op please… You posted this 18 days ago… Be honest now have you gone back to Flatscreen? Because I have.

You start out thinking everything is ok, but once you actually start to fly, (done any 1 hour flights yet) you realize that its really not ok.

30-35 FPS is not fun. And well, its cool to start off with but when your brain catches up to reality… Its not so fun anymore.

Edit: I know CptLucky has done a huge amount of work on helping everyone out… But I must ask have you actually spent any time playing… Again over 1 hour flights… Because same thing happened to me, trying so hard to get the game working in VR, you strive for that smooth experience… But when you actually sit down and try to PLAY… Not TEST… Even the Smooth experience shows its ugly face.

I mean if your flying 10 min hops, than its fine… But 1 hour or more, and well its just not fun anymore.

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@Malkuth1974, no I have not. Nor do I ever see myself doing so. Now, I do use flatscreen mode for the menus and such (at least pre-flight, after flight I tend to stay in VR), but once I’m in the cockpit, I switch to VR and I’m there to stay. And through my own efforts and those of others, my experience has only improved since my OP.

I’ve done many one hour flights. In fact, except for test flights, or short ones to “check the box” on trying to finish the Steam “achievements”, virtually all of mine are. Some have been in excess of 4 hours, but that’s the exception and almost always done with the CJ4. I don’t fly the default airliners, so it’s gonna be awhile until I start flying over oceans.

30-35 fps for my eyes and brain are fantastic. And with some of the OXR/TAA combinations I’ve tried, the visuals get clearer while the fps stays the same. I think if I could get to 40 or more, I’d find it impossible to tell any further improvements. But that’s easy to say, I suppose, when I haven’t experienced it.

Asked and answered, but just for giggles, yes. Lots. I probably do 3-4 90-120 minute flights every day, frequently more. (I’m disabled and rarely even get out of bed, so I have a lot of time to fly.) It’s not only not a problem, it’s a complete blast, that I’m completely addicted to, and even my wife, who is used to me being on the computer all the time (I’ve got a whole setup for my hospital bed, which is in the living room), might be getting jealous of my “matrix helmet” as she calls it. Because once I’m under the hood, it’s almost like I AM off in some other world somewhere.

I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make, but if one hour plus flights aren’t fun for you, I don’t know what to tell you. Personally, I love every second of it, and would do more if sleeping wasn’t mandatory.


Noticed your comment about the 30-35 fps not being good. I’m flying with High settings in VR with my frames locked at 18 via the Oculus Tray tool. I’m using the CV1 and flying for up to three hours at a time with excelent results. Loving VR in MSFS, even more so than in Xplane 11.


This is wonderful to hear. I’ve been reading horror stories of how awful the G2 is and I really want to order one but that has been holding me back. I’m a glasses wearer and I need room for them in the headset. Also, is the ‘sweet spot’ really that small in the headset? I just want clearer visuals than the Rift S, I’ve got a fairly decent computer with i9 10850K, 32 gb of ram but I only have a Nvidia 1080. That should run the G2 fairly well I would think.

Also, where did you all purchase your G2 at? I found HP’s site but I’m leary because its a www8 address and not just www…kinda weirded me out.

I bought this game the day VR came out (12/22); VR is the only way I play; 123.4 hours of play time as of this post.

I’m in the U.S. Have been waiting and waiting for G2 to get out of preorder and be ready to ship. On 1/12 I accidentally stumbled across the HP Store site for the G2 (I was turned off by comments forum members made about dealing with the Connection outlet for HP, people waiting interminably on HOLD, etc.).

The HP Store said the G2 would ship by 1/21 when I ordered. It shipped 1/14 and arrived by FedEX Next Day on 1/15. I had a buyer remorse moment thinking, “Why is the G2 suddenly so available?! Did something just get announced at CES 2021?! Is everyone abandoning it because of sweet spot problems, etc.?”

But since I put the G2 on, “Wow! It’s a keeper!” It’s my first VR headset ever. I think with custom lens inserts to correct my less than perfect unaided vision, I’ll be very happy with foveal vision sharpness just around the sweet spot. As a wearer of progressive bifocals as my everyday glasses, I know that one can learn to be perfectly happy with blurry peripheral vision if central vision through the part of the lens you’re looking is very sharp.

As of this moment, the HP Store says a G2 order now will ship on 1/21/21. (although, Whoops!, there’s now a red BACKORDER logo by the “Ships by 1/21/21.”)

HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset| HP® Official Store

@CptLucky8, in that case I’m just going to leave well enough alone, and run with what I’ve got, as it seems like it’s about as good as it’s going to get until some driver or software optimizations (that I have zero control over) enable better results. And/or I simply break down at some point and buy better hardware, which is of course inevitable, it’s simply a question of when, not if.

Assuming I live long enough anyway lol…

But I see it like the difference between a diamond and a cubic zirconia. If I need an expert with a loupe to tell me which is which, then it doesn’t really matter to me.

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What’s the reason for disabling “Game Mode” in windows settings ?
Windows would be making certain performance optimizations that would benefit the overall gaming experience.

Is there a particular disadvantage to having it enabled ?

Here is the Microsoft docs on game mode
Use Game Mode while gaming on your Windows 10 device | Xbox Support

@nOksX, mostly because lots of smart people have tested it, and it has consistently shown itself to hurt performance more than it helps. I haven’t tested it myself, which would technically violate the scientific method I guess, but based on those relatively consistent test results from others, that’s what I decided to do during my tweaking and testing.

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So your telling me indirectly, that the folks at Microsoft that implemented the “Game Mode” to boost performance isn’t working as planned ?

Can you link to me to that resource pointing to Game mode being a negative ?
I like to take a look at it, and post bugs with Microsoft to fix it.

@nOksX, any old google or bing search for “game mode”, or even “game mode fs2020” should provide plenty.

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Turning off “game mode” is pretty much step 1 for any optimization guide (sim-wise,) that I’ve seen. MSFS, DCS, iRacing, Assetto Corsa – it just doesn’t work as intended for these kind of workloads.

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Interesting… How a feature meant to enhance gaming isn’t and in fact become negative.

Microsoft should look into this, as it’s a default feature that’s left on.

I suspect that it has something to do with the unique nature of CPU usage in sim workloads – I’m betting that Game Mode tries to get creative with assignment of threads/cores and doesn’t properly account for something that uses the processor in such an “old school” manner.

The thing is I play other games as well besides the sim. Like League of Legends :slight_smile:
I wonder if “Game mode” should only be turned off for flight sim.

It’s relatively simple to turn it on and off. I have yet to find a game that performs better with it on.

@Trowels, I’ve seen some speculation that it really only helps lower end systems, and even then only on certain games. I don’t know if that was intentional or not (though I kind of doubt it), but that appears to be how it’s working out IRL.

Just wanted to thank-you for your reference to the HP Store as a source for the G2 Headset.

I had one on order through Connection from December 12 with no update on delivery. I just successfully placed an order for one at the online HP Store! Should receive it within a week.

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@ornaryox - Hope you like your G2 as much as I like mine! Hope direct from the HP Store works for others, too.

I was thinking I might need to warranty exchange mine because it kept blacking out, I was getting a very staticky noise sound in the right ear, and giving me “connect your headset” errors, BUT… it turns out it might be a bad DP port on my 2070 Super that was the problem, because once I changed it, those symptoms went away.

The good news is that the 2070 Super is still under warranty, and replacing it might mean a free upgrade because they’re not making it anymore.

But the bad news is that it’s totally random, and I can’t recreate the symptoms on demand, they just happen when they happen, so EVGA might give me a hard time on a warranty exchange if I can’t do that. Not sure how I’d document it anyway, because the symptom is just something I can see and hear in VR, when it happens, but short of taking a cell phone video of it at just the right time, well…

But now that I’m 95.75% sure that it was indeed a flaky port and not a flaky HMD, I’m gonna give it a shot with EVGA and see what they have to say. If they have to replace it with a 3070 or even something better, well, who am I to complain about that? And they can’t just tell me not to use that DP port, because what if I get a new monitor at some point?

I’m gonna give it another day or three to make sure it’s not the headset, but if the symptoms don’t come back, I’ll go down the warranty road with EVGA. I’ll probably make a post here about just this issue to see if anyone has any good advice.