A2a p-51

Is there any news from A2A Simulations about their P-51 that used to run on FSX?

They’re working on a Piper Comanche.

Lewis replied to a question about the P51 in their forum that there are currently no plans or announcements regarding the P51. Their first plane will be the Comanche and from there nobody knows anything yet.

Scott (CEO) made various comments about future and it seems that they have created a new version of Accusim that will use the existing leading sims (by the name it’s MSFS2020 and X-Plane now) as visual platforms and by the sound of it Accusim will again bypass the actual physics and run as a custom environment. They say it will be much easier in the future to bring their products to these sims than before.

Considering the above and the fact that they have all data they need regarding the P51 and at least one actual Mustang pilot in their team I would say it’s probable that we’ll get the Accusim P51 in MSFS. But don’t even expect it to be very soon.

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Thank you.