A310 causing major issues on xbox

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Since SU12 beta released the A310 has been very unstable, sometimes black screens issue appears or other times it just Crash the sim.
I got the DTW scenery by iniBuilds, tried for the first time in the beta and it CTD using the a310, then i rolled back to the current market release and it runs perfectly fine. There’s and issue that hasn’t been resolved yet and the SU12 release is soon.

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Load in with the A310 (default or handcrafted) and after loading all the mcdu and preparing for pushback after changing to my normal cockpit view it’ll will crash or black screen.

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Xbox series s, Xbox controller, mouse and keyboard.

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This is less about the A310 and more about the addon scenery. Many DLC airports are horrendous for causing CTDs.

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Not anymore. This has improved dramatically since SU11. I really believe it’s the A310.


I dunno, (I know you’ll point to my MMMX as a working airport, but I flew it in/out of many others), but I did not see a single instance of issues with the A310 and performance for the entire duration of the beta — across all versions of the beta.


I misread the post. I thought the author removed the airport addon.

We’ll see what happens next week I guess. Up to this point I haven’t had 5 minutes trouble with the A310.


Perhaps this is indeed the scenery causing issues. It’s released just a week ago so… But i read a bit too much about issues regarding the A310. But I could be perfectly wrong here.


I’m starting to wonder if there is something specific to certain user’s installations or some add-on they have causing issues here.

I agree, I’ve read many reports, such as the OP’s, of issues with the A310. For the life of me, I cannot recreate them.

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You have a Series X, right? OP and I have a series S, which may be causing the issues.


Ah! That is definitely a potential cause.

You yourself also have quite some add-ons installed if I’m not mistaken. Zinertek enhanced runway graphics? LVFR’s ground vehicles replacements?

Yes, and a few night sceneries and Seafront vessels, which is definitely in effect at all my coastal CA cities.

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My son has an S. Not that anything will come of it between now and SU12’s release, but I could test the A310 on it and see if I have issues with it.

Couldn‘t that be a RAM problem? I don‘t have an xbox myself but I read it had only 8GB RAM? Is that true? In this case it could simply run out of memory on the console together with airports?


The S has 10GB total for shared RAM/VRAM usage. The X has 16 total.

I was sitting at KLAX (default handcrafted) in the PMDG 737-700 on my PC yesterday and my total RAM & VRAM usage was 13.9 RAM and 5.6 VRAM at default High-End graphics settings.

Yes, I know a PC and an Xbox are not identical machines and OSes, but I’m not seeing how that 737 is going to work on an S.

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Okay, more than I thought but that’s still not much. Yep, will be interesting.

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I’m not really sure about what could be causing it but I’m impressed that with the same scenery that is causing problems in the beta, in the public market release it’s working flawlessly, i don’t get what’s happening.


That is a puzzling question.

Definitely with you with this. Unless Xbox gets the dumbed down versions…

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I wish the S could have its own version as to not affect the X.


It has been said many times before. Series S is gonna hold things back. This is going to be more and more relevant when time goes by. Developers are complaining already.

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