A320 Climb Issue?

Hi all,
This is an issue with and without the FlyByWire Mod.
For the most part of the climb, I am ok until I hit ~ FL270; anything past this height, the speed gets stuck at 260Knots and the vertical speed at 500 f/m, occasionally spiking to the set. I have tried turning off and on the AP, and even when I try flying manual.

All anti-ice is on.

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Take a look to this: A320 autothrust quick guide

Despite you disable AP you may still have the autothrust enabled, and then computer could be setting the optimal speed automatically to adjust to the the current phase of flight and power lever detent.


Thanks @geloxo.
In the test, I did try disconnecting the autothrust and no impact anywhere.

I was having the same issue descending (I tried going down to FL300), but it only descended at ~200 f/m.

I’m also experiencing something in the climb. I set my VS to 2000-2500 fpm but it only climbs a 500-1000 fpm. Another issue I have is that it seems to do the dolphin dance. Nose keeps going up and down on the climb after FL290


I have a friend having the same thing!

Yeah idk what’s going on. The dolphin dance wasn’t an issue until I installed the developer mod instead of the stable.

I’m currently running regular – fingers crossed it gets fixed in the new release!

Aircraft climb depends on load if you have a full load and full fuel there is a limit of how high you can climb, the higher you go the fpm decreases 260 KNOTS is a reasonable climb speed.
Do a search for A320NEO specs.

I just reached FL27 this evening without any issues with VS between 1500 and 2000 but only for speeds above 300knts. The VS issues could be caused by airplane not being able to reach the target VS for the current speed, if you are starting the climb below 200knts. Check if pitch is being constantly adjusted up and down. If so aircraft is definitely not able to climb with its current fuel load and you need to reach higher speeds before increasing VS. Also try putting power levers to max. This will force the autothrust manual speed setting to max. Also push the AT button on the front panel to disable it (green light off) or use one position of the manual ranges in the power lever.

People tends to claim the dolphin dance as a bug but in most cases is just user trying to force plane to limits which are not possible for it to reach. You can’t climb a fully loaded airliner like a rocket. You need to gain higher speed again if you recovered from one of those dolphin dances. If not when you try it again you will come into a never ending climb/descent loop.


I think part of my concern also gets to the fact that I can’t descend either - it has the same issue.

Also try putting power levers to max. This will force the autothrust manual speed setting to max. Also push the AT button on the front panel to disable it (green light off) or use one position of the manual ranges in the power lever.

Tried this and literally 0.

Throttle and control won’t let me descend either until I smash nose down.
Only started happening recently. Even when I manage to descend to say FL 280, and stabilise, it will not let me increase speed at all.

Shrug. I’ll keep playing around with it, just seems weird that it’s happening only all of a sudden

Airspeed indicator sensor is not reliable outside it’s operating range. Higher air speeds and thinner air at altitude

Look to the right what is your ground speed ? What is your TAS true air speed

Mach number is reliable 0.7 to 0.8 is a fast cruise

Agreed & understand - issue is more so the climb rate (positive and negative) regardless of how I play around with things.

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The Cessna Longitude does that for me. Even “level” flight at cruise altitude is a nauseating bouncy trip the whole way. Makes flying the plane no fun despite it being one of the most fun…

What you say sounds unusual. Are you reading the vertical rate of climb/descents correctly . Do you need to add a zero?

I can easily descend at a very high rate of descent from any height with full flap even though it would risk structural damage to the flaps in real life

At 500 feet per minute rate of descent from 38000 to 28000

Would take 20 minutes ??? Does it really take that long ??

Yes sir. I tried setting VS to -1000, and it kept it 200-500 /m

Holy s*** that’s not fun at all. Okay mine is not that bad. It only does it on during the climb

That video showed it in level flight between KSFO and KSAN at FL450. Constant bounce the whole flight. Starts at about FL320 and gets worse the higher I climb. Considering it has a service ceiling of FL450, by the time I get up there, it’s nauseating to fly and I typically switch to an external view that’s less annoying.

The TBM has a bit of bounce on climb, but it’s nowhere near that bad and stops once I get to cruise altitude.

Maybe your airspeed is too high? Before you descend

Maybe it will wait for your airspeed to drop before it increases rate of descent

Try descending at a low airspeed ?

I don’t have that problem at all …