A320 Fast Taxi Speed

Anyone else having an issue with fast taxi even on idle throttle?

It’s like an A320 does.


There are lots and lots of posts in here on that.
You should save yourself some time and search first before posting.
Here is a link to one of them.

Years of 747 real flying is, on the ramp inch the throttles until it starts taxiing then idle, keep your speed at 10-15KTS. Once on the taxi way let it role and once at 30KTS. use the brakes to get back to 15-20 and let it roll again. Do not ride the brakes otherwise the brakes will overheat and you’re looking at 30-45 minutes brake cooling. (If you ever see a tug towing the aircraft to the deicing area, he’s moving at 30-40). Taxiways look level but they never are except on the sim.



You might want to consider single engine taxi if you are not any where near MTOW. The A320 has always been lighter and powered well enough to “slide” on the ramp, unless in an incline. The new NEO now gives it a higher bypass in the turbofan, this means more air, even more slippery on the ramp.

I personally always taxi with single engine ops, then I turn on the engine with 3-4 minutes to go before take off, allowing the oil temperatures to stabilize before departure.

Hope that helps.


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