A320 fbw

installed fbw dev mod but in msfs I dont see the aircraft anymore. what is the best way to get visible.
w10/dx11/msfs store/

did you download any compatible liveries? FBW requires its own liveries.

Most probably the fbw version from the marketplace was installed as well. Double-check and deinstall that version and it should be fine

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thanks that was helpfull
last 2 questions if possible.
1- how can I get rid off the uninstalled mentioned in profile so that not each time we got an update and
click to install all I got it back
2-in the cockpit view there are some extra information on the screen like heading clock and speed info
etc. How can i get rid of it?

As long as you uninstall/delete the content through the content manager, it will stay uninstalled regardless of future update. Because what you have installed or not is stored in your online account. Just make sure you’re connected online when you do this, so they can sync your contents.

The aircraft may still be there on your list under the not installed category and shown as “Download Available”. Just don’t download it. and it will stay as uninstalled.

Go to your Assistance settings, set everything to Hard/True to Life. Then on the last group, you can turn off HUD in the cockpit.

great help thanks

It’s between few weeks since SU 7…since then I have lost Tcas and weather on FBW for both versions…this makes the flying experience less realistic…any estimated time when will get these functions back to FBW. Thanks

They’re working on re-introducing TCAS etc into their custom system but won’t give any timeframe as it’s not a commercial product and they’re all volunteers working for free in their spare time.

They had to remove the radar from the ND because it wasn’t working with their new custom FMGC that doesn’t work well with the default weather, TCAS, and terrain radar. They are working on implementing it, but it’s a difficult process as they are waiting for the weather engine data from Asobo so they can code the radar according to how the weather information is built.

But this in itself is a challenge since Asobo is very protective of their proprietary live weather engine. So we don’t know if the radar information will ever be implemented. Only time will tell.

hi got the dev version installed, i’ve read that you cant set up the fuel from the standard flight selector page, but can you still set up a flight plan using the basic MSFS flight planner as nothing seems to load for me ( it used to work ok) . i have the SYNC MSFS flight plan set to load only


As FBW explained you now have to load the fuel via the flyPAD by the left hand window.

This documentation should help answer your questions: