A320 Flex Temp Calculator not working

I’ve been using https://wabpro.cz/A320/ to get my flex temp and take off speeds for the FBW A320 and for some reason I cannot connect to the site anymore on any of my devices. It says ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR.

Anyone else using this tool having the same issue? Is there a work around? Or an alternative program that I can use?

Thanks in advance!

I just put 58 on all my flights… Hahahaha.


First: the wabro calculation is for an A320 CEO. You fly an A320 NEO. The numbers differ pretty much. So the wabpro FLX calculation is useless for the NEO anyway.

Second: FLX temp is not simulated correctly in the A32NX yet. You can insert a number there, and FLX takeoffs do use less power than TOGA takeoffs. But that’s it for now.

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I have a same issue stop working since 2 days ago. tried few different network but seems the page generally gone off.
I would like to know how to calculate flex temp as well.


Yeah I can’t find any other calculator online either. At least I know the problem is not on my side. I guess I’ll have to learn it the old fashion way with charts.

I found a couple of videos explaining how to read them on YouTube. Here’s one that’s pretty good. https://youtu.be/hfEz3NXvFnw

Even though the sim doesn’t model flex temp, I would still like to learn all the procedures and pretend they work :joy:


There is a tool on flightsim.to which I’ve just started using since the .cz app is now not available👍

Similar situation as me, at the beginning I thought I have a DNS cache problem or some anti-virus program blocking the website.
Thanks for sharing good information I learned a lot from the video.

Could you share with us to locate which tool are you using for the replacement? I went the website but there are tons of list.

Does this mean any value can be put in if it’s not simulated? Also, any idea if FBW has it “fleshed out”?

I am also interrested.i didn t find a toolat flightsim.to …

Greets Klaus

I think I found it on flightsim.to

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that’s great I will give a go thanks for the sharing

Yes … this is the one👍

Pretty much yes. I still put in a FLX temp, when I fly. Kind of in a realistic range regarding rwy length and weather conditions (around the 50s to late 60s range). I just don’t want to do TOGA takeoffs all the time.
Of course we are planning to make FLX working like IRL. But I don’t know when. Many other things have to work before. And we have to find solid data for that. Which is i bit more difficult with the Neo, than previous A320s (CEO).


thanx mate for the link … rockn roll …



Thanks. This seems to be not for NEOs too.

Just CFM at the moment, will plan to add more variants later. Thank u guys for checking it out.

Edit: I will work on NEO variants next just for you guys :slight_smile:


I’ve just come across your website, I like it a lot.

Would you consider allowing user inputs for wind, rather than receiving the data from a METAR etc? E.g. during variable wind, I’ll program a worst case tailwind. Or even with a headwind, I don’t use the full headwind factor

It’s too long ago to be 100% sure, but (at least) IRL AFAIR, the perfomance is already calculated with 150% tailwind and 50% headwind.

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