A320 flybywire throttle setup

Using developement version. Saitek X52 Pro throttle hardware.
Been trying to set up my throttle detents using the new ipad. It has messed up my throttle completely
Can someone tell me how to delete or cancel the settings in the ipad so that the thottle reverts to normal.

Try this video : https://youtu.be/BU9YICEPJ9U?t=102

The new calibration was a breeze for me.

I am clearly doing something wrong, I need some help to just delete what I have done


Calibrate again using the video as a guide. This new calibration will overwrite what you have already done. These calibrations only affect the FBW A320, not what the game uses for any other plane.

If you insist on starting over, delete the FBW folder from your ’ Community ’ folder and from your ’ Packages ’ folder and re-download the plane using their installer.

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because the FBW project is 3d party content.

Make sure your throttle is bound to the correct command.

The easiest way to do it is to delete all your throttle profile and start with the default profile. The throttle should be bound to the Throttle Engine 1/2 Axis (0-100%). Don’t bind it to the Throttle Engine 1/2 Axis without the (0-100%) that’s the wrong one.

Same here men…

Now I have to use the throttle on the side stick again:/

If you’re using a separate throttle, make sure your sidestick isn’t bound to use the throttle as well. Otherwise you’re getting conflicts where both controls at different positions are “fighting each other” to interpret which throttle level to use.

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Would I be correct in thinking that you are not going to be able to configure reverse thrust axis on the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle as it regards the below idle area as a button. When I tried I kept getting Reverse Thrust overlaps with idle.

Still a major step forward as I hate having to look at the throttle on screen to try and set throttle at the correct gate with the A320


In that case why not move the idle point upwards in the EFB?

Ah that’s true

Thanks for the help. The video made it easy although reverse thrust seems to be problomatic, I have that with button press. I don’t know what I was doing wrong before, anyway thanks.

To be honest I am happy just triggering the reverse thrust as a button in MSFS. The EFB calibration is allowing me to easily locate CL & FLEX gates without looking by being able to extend the axis range for each gate.

I think it would be helpful though having a calibration revert to default button as I managed to make the throttle unusable and only recovered situation by manually searching and deleting any folder with FlyByWire in it in Packages folder.

there used to be a reset button when it was still in the Experimental version. Not sure why it was removed.

That’s what I am looking for. Now my throttle is totally screw up. I’d like to revert it back as it was before. Is there any folder or something? Even if I uninstall the plane, whenever I get a developer version the wrong settings are stored somewhere and they are still there. No matter what.

The throttle configuration file is stored in the FlyByWire folder “OUTSIDE” of the community folder. So when you open the Community folder, just navigate one folder upwards. And you should see 3 folders. The Community Folder, the Official Folder, and the FlyByWire folder. Just delete that FlyByWire folder and the throttle config should revert to their default values.

But to be honest, the EFB calibration that they’ve made is device agnostic, meaning it should work for every type of controls that you have. Provided that you understand how it behaves and what it does, so that you can calibrate it properly.

Tks. I will give it a try.

Nothing is easy. I only have the Community Folder and Official. I belive the FlyByWire folder is inside the Community.