A320 MCDU while flying

Hi everyone,

Could anyone suggest me the best way to insert a new destination on the MCDU while flying?

For example: I want to change my flight plan while I’m crusing, on the INIT page what do I type on the “FROM” section beside the new destination I will head to?

What would be then the best way then to find the wavepoinst or STARS?

Many thanks

I would ask that question in the ‘Airliners’ section on this forum you may receive a quicker response

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thanks…pretty new to the forum

Huh… weird… I thought I already answered this question for you. You can check out this video from a real A320 pilot. This should help you how to use the MCDU.

Hi there,

just intalled latest dev mod and found that I can’t tune ATIS 132,370.

It just jumps from 132,375 to 132,365

Anyone can confirm?


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