A320 negative value for flaps

Default A320 flaps go into the negative somehow and on their own. It went all the way to -50 on flaps. I had it set to flaps 1 when this happened.

Like so.

Bump bump bump.

Bump bump bump.

Could be associated with the SU3% apparent BUG is Flaps_Handle_INDEX ?


That one DEC after Flaps Index = 0 could be associated with the Flaps going to some crazy negative value …

Who knows ? maybe someone at ASOBO, IF they looked at what got changed in the code,

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I suspect its all mixed up with some extensive Updates that were done to accommodate the X-Box controller, and will not be easy to spot, unless one specifically goes looking for it.

That being aid, its a Regression with SU#5, an easily reproducible Bug, and in what must be quite a simple function, so it should not take too much to correct, IF there is the motivation to do so.

But at the moment, it renders the Flaps_Handle_Index variable, all but useless.

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