A320 Neo Landing issues

Hello captains,

After the last update im finding a little issue landing the A320Neo. It happens that, just after touchdown (around 20-30), the plane trim goes automatically up and “ruins” the landing, making me have to push the lever to the ground to compensate that.

I don’t have any Help Assistance activated on that, and it began just after the update.

Any of you is having the same issue? Also, I’m not using addons, no nothing, just the game.

Never used Developer mode.

Thanks you in advance, good flights!

I have the same thing going on, I heard something with the flight dynamics with the world update was the cause, other aircraft are supposedly having similar issues

hi since update the A320 will not land so bad no matter how hard i push back it will not go down also when engaged app hold will set it off
also FD does not seem to work and follow the planned flight path…all worked just fine till UK update was loaded
you seem to be able to hit the ground i cant even get close

use the mod, but yes something happend to the flightmodel, way too much float now.

Even with the mod, I’ve noticed the A320 is very floaty during landing since the update. Idk what’s going on, but I also seem to price it a lot after extending the flaps. Once the flaps are extended, it’s hard to lose altitude and you basically have to keep a nose down attitude to avoid landing too high or floating above the runway.

It’s the new update.
An A320 should not take off by pitching down and climbing like a chopper. Check out this video I made of takeoff followed by landing. Speed is capped at 120kts with flap 1. Selecting flap 2 at 200kts gives 10,000-15,000f/m climb which seems legit :rofl:


The problem is with the landing, as far as I saw.

Before patch I used to butter land with full flaps and 140knots, now I have to put flaps 3 and 130knots, and I can barely land like a Ryanair pilot.

If its a “bug”, I hope its fixed soon xD

I’m doing the exact same landing configuration as Slimesliter. Lower speed, lesser angle of attack, speed around 130 … even 120 … to land in order to control the landing … since the last patch.

“Floaty” is a common complaint across numerous aircraft since this update.

I have the same issue. Around 20ft height, suddenly nose ups as if I was trying to touch down even throttle is off, which never happens before.
After the patch, CTD happens a lot and I thought the data was broken so I did “reset” the app and download 140G again but it doesn’t solve anything.

I watched a YouTube video with 32 Sim Pilot were he demo’d the new Auto Land feature. I don’t see the auto landing feature released in the Custom Build yet. I’m wondering if there’s a relation to that feature which hasn’t been released and this issue going on. The reason I’m asking is because the auto land capability does a Flare followed by a rollout on landing.

To an extent it is there, except as you mentioned, flare and rollout haven’t yet been added.

There is no co-relation.
Here is Asobo’s response to the landing issues.

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good to hear that team is onto a fix and look forward to next major update due next month i hope that the fix will work for me as my A320 does not get even close to landing before it gets a mind of its own, as soon as i press APP HOLD it’s off…BIG TIME and when i dont press the HOLD button it gets a sniff of descent at low altitudes and shoots off up anyways

Have you tried using the A320 mod?

We’re floating again I’m even using the mod. Back to the dark ages it seems.

Download the latest version of the mod. All versions - stable, developer, and experimental, have had this issue fixed.

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Along with the landing problems, it is not possible to arm the spoiler for t/o and landing, and therefore the spoiler dos not deploy upon landing and rejected t/o. has anybody else experiensed that

The spoilers should be able to be armed in both cases, and should deploy upon landing in the A320.
I have though, personally experienced, and read posts from other users, that although they can be armed, they won’t deploy on a rejected t/o.

I also had this very problem, had to force the aircraft onto the runway (with difficulty) and then it would rock and float up whilst you fight to keep it grounded and get some braking effect. I considered not using the sim for a while until it was fixed, but tried this flight_model.cfg adjustment as recommended in the official post and it now lands a treat! Lovely, smooth manual landing, with swift reverser deployment when commanded and effective braking action.

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If i retard 20ft above the runway i can sail the A320 over the full length of the runway. This is not possible in real life. I mean i really sail the plane 10ft above ground wiht flaps on 4 and motors idle. This is insane.