A320 Recent mod

Hello , can anyone give me the link to the recent mod for the A320 by FlybyWire please.
I recently installed a master version, at the beginning everything seemed to work great until I came across a bug on the MCDU, I wouldn’t let me choose the departure. Thank you.

They moved into an installer for easy install

Use the installer: https://github.com/Externoak/A32NX-installer/releases/tag/v0.4.1
You can then choose to install either the stable or the developer version. I recommend the developer version.

thanks for that ? do we have to download the “source code” as well ?

I don’t know if it’s on my end but after trying out the developer/stable versions, the aircraft is completely broken. Black screens, lights don’t work, apu not turning on.
Any suggestions?

Even with this mod this *** plane keeps banking to the left with AP on managed and selected heading. So annoying… anyone got a solution for this?

Can you send me the link where you got your mod please. For some reason the one inside the installer is not working for me. Black screens everywhere

Did you set a deadzone in your controller?

The only link is above.
The A320 can be fussy. There are several workarounds for that, some work for some, some don’t.
The first is to restart the sim (you may have to do that a couple times)
If that doesn’t do it, try setting your ground aircraft density to 0.
If you’re still stuck, do a search here and try some of the other solutions.

Yes I set it at 5% if I remember correctly

I’ve seen people here saying that they were in the 7-9% range.
Maybe try a bit bigger?
I’ve also heard people mention that the flight plan itself can cause this.
Apparently the DO points that the sim adds for departures can cause this.
You might try removing them if there are any in your plan.

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Do you have an FPS fix mod installed? If so, delete it. That can cause your issues.

Good stuff. Can we have a simple ZIP package for easy installation?

What’s that?

There were a couple different mods put out there to help provide more fps. If you don’t know about them, then that must not be your issue. Are you still having the same issue?

Okay I managed to get it going. I reduced my ground vehicles to 0. But it seems like the altitude is broken. It won’t descend/ascend as soon as I choose an altitude. Same with the VS. it takes a while for it to respond.

That may be because it goes for your target airspeed first. See if it is accelerating or decelerating to your target airspeed and then starting to climb or descend. Not correct behaviour for the airplane, but that’s how it works right now.

Ah okay I see. Hopefully they fix it. It delays my performance and I have Vatsim ATC yelling at me because I’m not doing what they want me too lol

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Turn Multiplayer off - You will have no more black screens.

The first part is because the autopilot is not made correctly.
On this one, you have to push the knob after you enter your new altitude.