A32NX APU and Engines not starting

Good Morning,

After patch MSFS to the last build and A32NX to the last stable build, I can’t start the APU and Engines.

Also if I start with airbus on runway or in the sky (with engines on), I can’t stop the engines.

This is a bug?

Can someone help me with that problem?

Thank you in advance!

I have the same problem :wink:

Download the latest version using their installer: https://github.com/Externoak/A32NX-installer/releases/latest/download/A32NX_Downloader.zip



If you have the Uwa light mod remove the A320 folder and all will be good with the A320NX.

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Using FBW now it’s good :)! But i have problems with TCA throttle in reverses… any bug?

You have to follow this instructions on how to recalibrate the TCA Quadrant to make it properly working as it suppose to:

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