A32nx autopilot pitching up and down

Hello everyone,

I have the FBW A320nx Custom Version installed and when the Autopilot is engaged, I get these weird up and down oscillations in pitch. For example, if I set the cruising altitude to FL340 with a V/S of +2000 in selected altitude mode, the AP will go up to around 2400 and then down to -300 and then back up and repeat this cycle till it gets to FL340. Interestingly this only happens above approximately FL180. Hopefully the video below will make everything clear.

Are your throttles in the Climb Detent?

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Your thrust lever isn’t set to climb position. Autothrust won’t work that way. Now what happens is: Alpha protection is kicking in to keep your speed at least at “green dot” (the lowest speed, the plane can fly without any flaps set). I assume your thrust is set pretty low. In short: you didn’t set up the plane (and MCDU?) correctly.
The A320 has to be programmed and flown correctly to work correclty.


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Just set your throttles to the CLB mode detent.
And just use managed climb with managed airspeed. And your problems will go away.

This looks like an improper technique of flying the airbus.

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Thank you for your replies!
There was a slight mismatch between my quandrant and the actual throttle which meant I was only around 75%.