A32NX Custom NAV/AP Issue

I just started using the new A32NX custom/experimental version. Right now, I’m trying to figure out the new AP though and I’m having problems with the NAV function.

When I enter the cockpit cold and dark at the gate, the top panel has some random, default values already input for speed, heading, and altitude. When I takeoff and engage the AP, the aircraft does not follow my FP I created, but rather just flies the heading on the panel. It will only turn if I change the heading.

How do I get the aircraft to follow the FP by itself? Also, how do I go about engaging NAV mode. When I takeoff, it says “HDG” on the FMA when it should say “NAV.”

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Move your mouse over the button until you see an up arrow. This means that you push the button, which is the nav mode. If you see a down arrow, that means you pull the button, which is hdg mode.
(In Airbus terms this is called managed vs. selected heading)

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If you’ve not flown the Airbus before and are not familiar with its systems, which are not at all like the Boeing or GA aircraft, then I suggest you watch several videos on the basics of the A320. There are some good ones on YouTube by 320 Sim Pilot

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I’ve spent most of my time flying the A320. I’ve also watched YouTube videos including 320 Sim Pilot. I also watched Neo’s video of the new Custom version he posted on another topic yesterday.

Obviously, the new custom version has a new AP system different than the stable and dev. builds, so I’m trying to get some help and insight on the new AP.

I also understand the difference in the knobs (pushing up or down), but the new custom version has the panel set to HDG mode where as the previous versions have it set to NAV mode by default. This threw me off and I was having trouble getting it into NAV mode. I think I’ve figured it out, hopefully. But, I’d still like to make sure.

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Yeah, the custom AP is more like the real one. If you’ve flown the Flight Factor A320 or Toliss on X-plane that is also more like the real AP.

Basically, if a number is showing in the glareshield, it’s overriding the AP. If it’s just a dot (*) then the FMC is deciding what to do. Except for Altitude where you always have to have something dialed in.

Yeah, I never flew those versions of the A320.

So for example, right now I have it cruising on AP. I have the speed set at Mach .80 and no dot. My altitude is set at FL370 also with no dot. The HDG/NAV is dashed with a dot, so therefore I assume it should be following the FP on it’s own?

For some reason I was having an issue with it changing back to HDG mode after takeoff and not staying in NAV mode when I had it set. I think that was my problem, but idk why it kept doing that.

It’s almost never the case where you set the speed in the cruise manually. And 0.80 is faster than the a320 normally flies. You should do managed speed (by pushing the knob in) but only if you set up everything in the performance page of the FMC before taking off. The aircraft needs to know what altitude you are cruising at, what the Cost Index is and the weights and fuel amounts. Did you put all that in?

Normally the glareshield is all dots except for altitude. Usually pilots fly manually during takeoff, then turn on AP, then during descent and final approach will modify or override the AP as directed by ATC. Then at about 1000 ft during descent, turn off AP and land it. Usually pilots do NOT turn off autothrust.

Then what speed does the A320 normally cruise at? I heard that the A320 has a max cruising speed of Mach 0.82, but idk if that’s correct. I’ve never flown at that speed though. I usually fly at either mach 0.78 or 0.80. Also, how do you determine the cost index and weights and fuel amounts? If that’s something through SimBrief, I’ve never used SimBrief before. I’ve also never actually put all that into the MCDU, but I’ve never had any issues before with the AP.

And I know you’re going to say this isn’t realistic, but I’ve posted this many times on other threads. I actually prefer to fly by hand/manually for most of the flight, except for cruise and descent. For one, I enjoy hand flying because I like the feel of it. Second, I prefer more control over the aircraft rather than the sim AP glitching out on me randomly and causing my flight to fail. I’ve gotten very used and comfortable to flying this way in all my years of FS, even though I know it’s not a realistic practice.

I want to add that another strange bug I’ve noticed during my current flight is that every time I reach a new waypoint, the aircraft will initially bank in the wrong direction first for a second and then bank the opposite direction to correct itself. Again, I’m flying the latest custom/experimental version.

Shouldn’t it just bank the correct direction. For example, if the aircraft is supposed to turn right at a waypoint, it will initially bank left first for a second or two and then to the right like it’s supposed to. Has anyone else noticed this behavior in the latest custom version?

The A320 normally cruises at whatever speed the computer decides, based on your FMC inputs.

Cost index is simply how much money you want to save IRL. You can set it to anything from 0 to 99. 99 will be very fast; 0 will save a lot of simulated money.

Yes you get the other values from simbrief. If you’re not putting values into the MCDU then you are flying a handicapped plane because it’s designed to have those numbers. Obviously you can fly it however you want but if you’re not going to follow procedures, then there is no sense in coming here asking about an “issue”. The custom AP is not going to work properly for you without proper numbers.

If you want to fly the entire flight by hand, that’s your business. But then why do you have an airspeed set? That’s using autothrottle. Isn’t that breaking your own rules? :slight_smile:

The issue with the aircraft changing to HDG mode after takeoff and not staying in NAV mode is probably because you did not set up the MCDU correctly, if I were to guess.

I’ve noticed the banking issue too. Since this is the “experimental” version, you have to expect that some things are not yet perfectly tuned.

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I just did a flight from KDFW to KPHX last night and KPHX to KLAX this morning. Also used the new autoland feature at KLAX to try it out. Plane flew great.

I suggest you try simbrief. It takes all of 30 seconds to create a proper OFP and you can even input it directly into the airbus now.

Easyjetsimpilot also does a lot of demonstration videos for FlyByWire

I never said I fly the “entire” flight by hand. If you read my reply, I told you that I fly the cruise and descent phase of the flight on AP. That would explain why I set my AP and AT along with my cruise speed and altitude. I only takeoff, climb, and land manually/by hand. So, I’m not “breaking” my own rules.

As for the banking, I’m glad I’m not alone there. I guess there are some minor bugs to expect though, but hopefully they’ll get ironed out quickly. I know I might be being nit picky about that, but it shouldn’t behave like that.

Lastly, I’ll give SimBrief a try. Maybe for my next flight I will. I always thought you had to pay for it and some of it I didn’t really understand since I’m not a commercial pilot (or any pilot for that matter).

No it shouldn’t behave like that and hopefully they will have it ironed out soon.

Sorry for misinterpreting. Try setting up the MCDU properly and at least give the cruise phase a try on full managed mode.

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Also, I haven’t been using the FBW mod for that long. I only started using it a coupe months ago. I never used to be into the whole “study level” airliner and add-on/mod craze. All of my life, I’ve mainly stuck to flying the default aircraft in the sim.

Well, now that the default A320 is pretty bad, I really had no choice to install the mod and use it from now on. And now that I’ve been using the mod for a few months now, going back to the default A320 feels really silly. So, with that said, I’m having to get used to all this new “immersion” that coms with flying a “study level” aircraft.

I will try this tomorrow. I have a long flight planned from KSJC (San Jose) to PHOG (Kahului/Maui) tomorrow, so I’ll see how SimBrief is.

EDIT: Also, is it just me, or is the fuel consumption off in the custom version? It seems to be pretty thirsty, but I’m no expert.

I think they have the fuel consumption nailed pretty accurately. I always get fuel values from SimBrief and I haven’t had a problem.

Make sure that your flight directors (left and right) are on.

They are…

For some reason, I do not get those arrows when I move my cursor around the Heading button in the default A320 or the A32NX, which I just downloaded and am determined to master. What could be the problem?