A32NX experts - a little info please


I’m getting fairly comfortable with the A32NX now. No longer get the ‘Alpha Floor’ message as I’m dealing with take off much better. :grin:

ATC asked me to climb to FL390.
I’m fully (I think) setup om AutoPilot and Auto Throttle. It got there but was a struggle for the final couple of thousand feet.

What I’m not sure about is the speed indicator. It shows I’m at a speed just above stall (I think that is what it is indicating) but also at a speed just below overspeed. Is this normal or have I forgot to do something with the throttle? I’m at the climb detent.


You seem to be pitched up a bit on the high side for cruise. That would explain why you are so close to stall, especially at FL390.

Oh yeah. That’s odd. Also noticed its just dropped below 39000.

Your thruster must be set to climb (CL) and this is a known glitch. The so called Vnav does not work so well after 25000 ft in my experience. apparently its a fix in update 8 coming up. I end up using Verticle speed for the rest of the way up to cruise but even then you gotta keep it low like 800 or so or you will lose too much speed.


As I flew over the swiss alps it went crazy. Up and down; stuttering and then wildly left and right. Realised I was using the experimental version, so dropping to Dev version and will try again.

The alps probably give you some crazy turbulence. Any big mountain range will do that.

It’s normal that on high altitude those speed get more together. That’s also the reason there are limits :wink:.

The alpha protection speed is a bit high, we need to work on this.

The reason for the altitude deviation is with high probability the so called SOFT ALT mode. It reduces the authority of ATHR and allows up to +/- 50 ft of deviation to hold the target speed.

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Yes, but there are limits at crazy turbulence. I’ve never experienced so bad in real life as in the sim.

At TS. I use the exp version and for the last couple of weeks havent experience much trouble climbing, but over 25000ft i use the v/s mode and then 800ft climb. But with no mountain ranges and/or storms i can do it with manual speed.

I do see you havent set your PFD to standard. You’ll have to push the grey buttons as well as at your QNH

Screenshot 2022-02-25 211757

thats the exact same thing Ive come across
I thought I was doing something wrong too

Usually on high altitudes the usage of CLB or OP CLB is desired because it uses the available energy for climbing without loosing speed. How fast you’re be able to climb is depending on environmental conditions and your weight.

For example (extreme case):
At ISA+20 and GW of 78 T the maximum is FL325.

By the way: when the plane switches to MACH you will see again higher achieved V/S because the target IAS is getting less due to constant MACH being hold. Therefore more energy can be used for climb.

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Aah. Always forget about that backup display

Thanks for the info. Seems I’m not doing anything wrong. :grinning:

It’s the first time I’ve noticed this and also the first time I’ve gone this high :rofl:

Will try the v/s option as suggested when I re run the same flight.

Bear in mind the max altitude for the A320 is 39800.
You are very close to that. With any amount of load, you will be struggling to get to that altitude.

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Until all this is fixed I have also been doing 33000 as my cruise with the so called" vnav" I’m very patient :slight_smile: then once I level out and my AC recovers some speed I ask the tower for a 2000 ft higher clearance. so then I do that and it doesn’t take so much out of my speed. then I ask the ATC for another 1 or 2 thousand more clearance and I"m done at 37000 usually. Just another way to kind of get it done :slight_smile:

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Step climb.
It’s done that way in real life with heavy loads as well!

Thanks. I’m was using Pilot2ATC and they sent me straight to FL390. Simbrief stated FL370 so not sure why P2A sent me higher.

All learning and fun!

I did have a fully loaded plane. Taking footie fans from Majorca to Poland :rofl:

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If you are using the default A320, the slow climb issue has been corrected for SU8, due for release Monday.

Out of curiosity, because it‘s unfortunately not visible on your screenshots:
what weight have you been and what was ISA condition?

I believe you’re approaching the aerodynamic ceiling and what’s referred to as Coffin Corner. This is the altitude at which The tiger tail and the barber pole get closer and closer together. The higher you go, the thinner the air and the faster the aircraft has to fly to generate lift. Eventually you’ll only be able to achieve one speed. Any faster and you’ll get Mach Buffet, any slower and you’ll stall.

Brilliant thank you. Great info. :+1:

I’ll make sure to reset Pilot2ATC to match simbrief altitude.