A32nx new import flight plan from Simbrief

Hi all,

I just made a short video showing the new integration between Simbrief and A32nx. You can see how you can configure the FMC to talk to your Simbrief account and pull the current flight plan and load it in.

With this opportunity let me be one more to comment that Flybywire team are one of the main reasons I am using FS2020 right now. Way to go FBW and many many thanks!


i tried doing it, doesnt work for me.


It loads the data but the flight plan is not complete it just has the origin and dest

I think it’s for the ZFW/CG and passenger/cargo loads. I loaded a Simbrief flight plan on the load screen then successfully used this to import the rest. They also created an aircraft profile for the FBW A320 so the weights/performance match.

I do not see simbrief option in FMGC menu. I wonder if this is because I am using the second download shown on FB post: fly-by-wire-branch.

Sounds interesting thanks.

Did you watch the demo video?

Yes, I did. The simbrief option is missing for some reason.

It’s in the Developer version. I just used the downloader, did the Stable version, checked, not there. Downloaded the developer version, it’s there. Good luck!


I have the same issue, everything is loaded correctly but not the flight plan

Apparently you have to enter (or load) the flight plan in the main startup screen. Then importing from SimBrief will setup the aircraft to match it.

The right way is to login to the Simbrief webpage first, load your flight plan there (or make a new one and save it), and then go into FS2020 with the latest dev version of A32nx and follow the video I posted in the op.

I just re-tested mine with today’s A32nx dev ver. and it works

It also works with the latest stable release

I found that if your Simbrief flightplan is using something that FS does not know about, then you will only get departure and arrival airports. It happened to me in a case where the departure airport in Simbriesf’s plan did not exist in the A32nx’s FMC procedures. As soon as I changed it to a known airport and saved, the plan was inserted correctly.
Also make sure you wait a bit as the plan takes a few seconds to be fully inserted to the FMC.

I still haven’t found a good way to clear the FMC in order to get the button to download the next plan (e.g. in a multi-leg flight). I tried going into MCDU Menu -> ATSU Menu -> AOC Menu -> INIT Pres but it works only partially.

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Hi there,
your video doesn’t work - at least not for me.

The Simbrief import, however, works very well - thanks for the hint.


Play it straight in the browser. Do not download it. It should play in all modern browsers (havent tried with IE :wink: )

That’s the way i do it - works fine with MS edge

If you read the notes about known issues, you would see that you cannot do a multi leg flight without exiting the simulator and restarting using version 0.5.0.


So which browser had the problem?

Oh sorry my friend
we talked a little past each other:
You meant the video and I meant “SimBrief”

The video is still not running on me. But I don’t need it anymore either …

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