AbadStudios had better get their stuff together!

Okay, here is the deal. I wanted to get an Airbus a380 for this game here. So, I decide to pay for a mod. I saw that AbadStudios studios had the a380, and I also saw that for 40 Euros, I could get all of their planes. So, I did.

Now, here’s my complaints:

  1. Almost all of the site is in Spanish. I’m an American, I speak English, made it hard to navigate the site.

  2. As I said, I ordered the 40 euro pack. and I didn’t get all of my files. Here is proof, here are screenshots on the emails, start from the bottom up:

and to beat all. I get this email from them, I guess they are charging now for upgrades:

Needless to say, I won’t be buying for an upgrade, seeing that I just spent 40 euros and didn’t get all of things, that I paid for.

If my links to the rest of my planes don’t arrive soon. I will be disputing the charges, the minute they hit my account at the bank.

Not a good way to do business, not at all.



At current time after reviewing this developer I would highly recommend avoiding this product given the uncertainty and suspicious communications. Dispute the charges if possible.


Sorry to hear, make sure you always “GOOGLE” and read reviews / forums for feedback, this prevents bad purchases.


Heard that they take parts from flybywire without permission.
And some of their planes are just Beta Status.
Really not to recommend


This is a spam website and sorry you fall to this. Can Microsoft do something about it? (You guys can take down their servers if they are in Azure lol)

great… :confounded:

Contact your bank and block the transaction.

Yeah I kind of figured that out, after I bought the stuff and now they’re coming up with this VIP status, to get updates to their planes?

Well, I got news for you, I most likely will be Disputing the charges once they hit my bank account.

I paid €40 to get an airbus 380 and all of the rest of them that they offered and they sent me exactly I think 5 or 6 and the last 5 links to the rest of their planes was the same URL to the same plane.

So yeah, I’m going to be doing some disputing with the charges and now I just got an email saying they didn’t even have my email adresse came from a different person.

I forwarded to conversation on Gmail to him and if I don’t get any satisfaction, I’m going to dispute the charges and ask that the bank notify the federal authorities on them.
because if they are ripping people off using International transactions that’s a serious crime and could get them guys thrown in prison.

I do happen to have friends that work in law enforcement, also on the federal level.

So, we’ll see who gets what. :rage:

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It hasn’t hit my bank yet…

So, I’m going to wait and see what happens here

if I get the rest of the planes, I won’t dispute it. But if they don’t come up with the plains here and the next 24 to 48 hours. I will definitely be disputing the transaction with the bank.

They were trying to tell you all along…“A Bad Studio”!

That whole delivery method is dodgy lol.


Probably the aircrafts they are selling are legacy FSX models older payware models. These are not developed for fs2020 so for me they will not even worth the 40euros…

So it looks like the are taking “free” 3D models from FSX (which they probably don’t have permission to use), probably some liveries that they didn’t make, merging it with the A320 cockpit (possibly with stuff stolen from FlyByWire?) and then selling it?

Personally I think that Microsoft should take a very hard stance against things like this. This group is using the trademarked MSFS logo on their website. Someone from Microsoft legal should send them a cease and desist.


I agree with all of the stuff that you guys have said so far. I just sent this cat named Ricardo a message saying he had better stick them files on a download service that I can use hes tried sticking him on mods fire and I can’t download anything from that service because it’s comes up within unable to establish secure connection error on my browser anyhow if I don’t get something here soon there’s going to be a transaction dispute and a request for an investigation into the company furthermore if anything shows up on my credit card that I didn’t authorize I’m gonna have me some con-artist thrown in prison for a long time.

Sorry you got scammed like that. I’d do a chargeback regardless. They did the bait and switch. They sold you a collection of products then emailed you to say they’re not supported unless you pay them a monthly sub. There’s just so much wrong with that, and I’m pretty sure if violates a few EU trade regulations. It certainly would be an illegal here in Canada.

That said, if this isn’t one of those “too good to be true” red flags, I don’t know what is. When you see a bunch of planes being sold for the price of what a single quality plane would sell for, you know ahead of time the product will be garbage, or it’s a scam.

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Now he sending me a message saying to please delete this thread… it’s going to crush their image… well you know what Kurt Ricardo? you should have thought of that before you set that site up and started scamming people out of their money to get planes that are not even real Microsoft flight simulator 2020 planes but ones that were imported and you didn’t even create them…

so theere you go. enjoy the fall out of this message don’t try to scam people out of money and expect them not to report you and yes by the way I am going to block the transaction when it hits my bank like I said I hope he tries to use my credit card information to purchase something that I didn’t authorize here I’d love nothing more in a stick a A criminal in jail.

And the reason why I’m doing it I asked him to stick them on Mega NZ and I can only download so much that A-day I’m not going to be screwed these guys are going to lose everything if I have anything to say about about it


Not protecting the website in anyway but just to correct you on one point you can change the language on the website from Spanish to English there is an option.

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not only that, but they didn’t even put a legit 380-800 cockpit in it…

theirs in the game:

a real one:

what did you expect lol?