Ability to Save Graphics Settings/Profiles

Maybe even have multiple Graphics Profiles?

  • It sure would help when tweaking/optimizing
  • Helpful too for those of us that play on the same machine (laptop), sometimes with/without a monitor
  • When NVidia updates, it wipes all my MSFS Graphics settings, which is terribly obnoxious


It would be amazing and quite simple for the dev team to allow us to save at least 2 graphics profiles.

Bush flying and Airliners

2 different types of flying, 2 different graphical needs.

In bush flying or GA you need much more ground details, which is great because you don’t need much computer power for your plane so you can transfer all this power in the world details.

In Airliners you need less power for the world but maybe much power for the crispiness of the cockpit since you look at your instruments all the time and these planes demand more computer power.

Today we have to manually change every slider, one by one, to adjust our needs or worst, make a compromise between those two because we never take the time to adjust each setting for each flight we make.

It would be much more simple to have the possibility to save 2 profiles in the graphics menu, 1 for bush flying, 1 for airliners. We take the time once and for all to fine tune each of these profiles so in one click we can enjoy this sim in the best way possible with very little effort.


I made this request yesterday as well(Was going to post my thread but am unable to I guess). Much needed. Would allow me to tinker with the settings more in depth as there are too many to remember which settings I want to change.

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It’s nice to see the forums opened up. Applied for Alpha back in December of last year and didn’t get in, which I wanted to badly but now that it’s here I can’t wait for it.

It seems to me there are a lot of graphics settings, and some that takes several flights to figure out. I would like a feature in this game to be able to create “profiles” of different setting combinations that I can use to quickly change settings depending on the type of flying I am doing, without having to manually go through each setting.

*Note: I don’t have the game yet as my region is not available yet, but it looks like from screenshots that the game doesn’t have something like this but would be really useful. Or perhaps an SDK feature…

For instance, I could have a “Bush Flying” profile, and a “Long-Haul” flying profile. Perhaps a “Maxed out” Profile to get the most out of my graphics card, and a “Minimum Graphics” profile… you know what I am talking about.

This would be very helpful to tinker with settings, and to save and load different combinations, and create new combinations without having to write down on a piece of paper the type of settings I need for the flight I am doing.

I couldn’t find a suggestions forum for this, so if someone could move this to the proper forum, please do.



I need to have at least another two General profiles (custom ones), as it will be better to switch to one another during the flights. i.e. on the ground we need to lower the settings and in the sky to increase the settings. Like we have controller profiles .

When VR is released it will be important to be able to setup a specific graphics profile for that mode.

  • Have the possibility to save our settings locally; which would allow us to go back, after modification.
  • Toggle key to see or fade labels of airplanes in flight.
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would be really nice to save custom graphics settings! And load them instead manually changing it again.
The fading labels is also a good idea!
As closer the airplane comes to you the labels should slowly fade to zero,
something i remember playing a different flightsim “loose seight loose fight” :wink:

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Would be a mess if flying with your boys and all what you can see are their tags instead :joy:
Nice idea actually :+1:

For FSX, when I used a slow machine, I had several saved Graphics settings - 1) default for all graphics settings, 2) default - one index for every graphics settings for smooth flying, 3) default + one index for every graphics settings for beautiful picture and still flyable, 4) night settings (in FSX for night flying you do not need high mesh for example, or detailed clouds), With new machine I have a default setting (which is max setting) and a night settings, and what is important - I use scenery configurator to exclude parts of the world I do not fly currently to save loading time. For MSFS I’d like to have a possibility to save different settings for “dense places” (like a big airports or a big city) and for bush flying and I need this option available from the flight.

I had a similar problem with my graphic settings being wiped everytime I installed a new Nvidia driver. I fixed it by going to the Settings option in GeForce Experience, selecting the Games menu and deselecting “Automatically optimise newly added games”

Yes that would be great! It’s on my wishlist.

With VR support this is getting even more important.

VR is great, but I will not use it for every flight. That means the graphic settings need to be adjusted, since it can be cranked up to higher detail when not in VR.

I would like at least five graphic profiles to switch in game. Different flights can benefit from different settings.

Hello there. Does anyone know if it is possible to save my custom graphics settings under a preset filename somewhere in my computer? So that I can recall it if I mess up something? I can’t seem to find such an option unless it is under my nose and can;t see it… Thanks for any help and sorry for dump question…

Go to (MSFS ms store version)


MSFS Steam version

C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator

backup file named usercfg.opt

Maybe you can backup these files, but what good does that do you when MSFS downloads all this information stored on the MS servers, when you start MSFS, and overwrites what you have backed-up / restored locally.

There may be a way to fool/over-ride this restore from the MS Servers, but it is not obvious or well documented.

MSFS ms store version graphics settings - stored on hard drives.
On the cloud - stored controls settings :wink:

MSFS Steam version - Graphics settings stored on hard drives and on the steam cloud if selected.

Thanks for the clarification, but I believe its a lot more complex than that.

  • Where is your Log Book stored ?
  • Where are your favorite airports stored ?
  • etc etc

It has been stated that the UserCfg.opt file on your drive can be edited and the “Preset Ultra/High-End/Medium/Low-End” setting changed to “Preset Custom” to save your graphics setting.

Nothing else is required. Just making the Preset = “Custom” blocks it from being changed.

It has also been stated to make this file “Read Only” to keep MSFS from changing it.