Ability to turn off in-game ATC by user

I would like to have the ability (option) to completely turn of the in-game ATC. This is very useful during flying on VATSIM because:

  1. Due to user’s mistake in key-binding certain keystrokes can cause the COM1 radio to tune to the in-game ATC frequency without warning and without user awareness. Soon afterward the controller would send a private message or worse call a SUP. Not fun.
  2. In some cases the in-game ATC has the same frequency as the one used by the VATSIM ATC. The result is a confusing mess of communication.

this is useful anyway coz ATC is completely broken and a pain in the axx …


Options -> Assistance -> User Experience -> ATC Voices -> Off


This turns off the ATC voice only - it does not turn of the in-game ATC feature and the un-commanded COM radio freq change still happens.

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bedankt Pieter, but wrong answer …

it is about COMPLETELY switch off that stupid ATC …
not only for VATSIM etc. but also to get rid of that broken part of the sim since imho they’ll never get it fixed …


When you are in the aircraft you can go into the overhead menu under the custom toolbar settings and turn off the ATC.

I understand, but if you close the ATC window and shut off the voices, it won’t bug you at all. The only thing you have to take care of is not pressing the 1-9 buttons (in case it accidentally switch your frequencies)

If your frequency changes without you commanding it to do, it means you have set your AI pilot to handle the radio. Switch that off


i have one alternative proposition, till atc give some ctd, add some different way option, personally my self don’t use atc at all, else i don’t use vatsim, but, i would like to listen something in the air, something alive, not azure, not windows generation, something preset alive, like was in fsx/msfs missions, so when we flight free mod we can randomly listen something like that - cessna, please change your course you behind restricted area" or piper, what the hell are you doing? wait runway will vacated, or unrecognized aircraft, turn on your transponder, or, welcome to the kennedy airport, the conversation with ny police department awaits you… sure with normal english, so, that’s will real game, not only simulator, i mean, when you flight without procedure, just use vfr, beter silence or something like that, than stay on your course or something like that, like was when i flew from nantucket to nyc, and atc talking with me, as i ask them something certain, but i didn’t

I am having the same problem. ATC is turned off in the drop down menu from the top of the screen, so is the co-pilot.

I proceed to configure the FMS and, as soon as I enter the flap configuration for take-off, the request from the AI for pushback is heard when no request was made. From this point on, I won’t be able to contact VATSIM controllers because the frequency keeps getting overridden by MSFS AI.

Very frustrating!

Then turn off the Co-pilot in the in-flight menu.

Just to make sure that we’re all on the same page:

We are talking about the green check marks, not the read cross right? (@ lion82CU)

I’ve had the AI automatically ask a pushback once, but that was because I had the AI control on. (not sure which one of these it was that caused it, I think the comms)


You are correct. Make absolutely sure the green checkmarks are unchecked. After that you can also check the red cross. The window of the red cross is only to show/hide certain items on the toolbar, not to disable the functionality shown on that window.

If for example you hide the weather window on the toolbar, you’ll still have weather.

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I need help !
I have this stupid guy who is pushing continuously my aircraft… I didn’t ask for any pushback !
COMMS frequencies are changed as well, the same for the squawk, it’s very annoying !


I would like a button to switch off ATC.

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You can do that already. Set the ATC window to not open automatically and the ATC voice volume to zero. I did that, I‘ve found peace :smiley:

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Yes i did that to. But the stutters still there and i think that’s ATC in Background :sunglasses:

There are more things going on in the background than ATC. If you aren’t tuned to them, they may as well not exist.

Right, another possibility is to tune 121.5 there SHOULD be silence ^^


This i will allso try to do - thank’s for the Tipp

I don’t use MSFS ATC, but when i fly in VATSIM, internally the ATC and a “ghost copilot” are “chatting” and change the transponder and COMMs.

Can you add a button for disable the native MSFS ATC? please!