Abnormal approach path

After entering the approach parameters (RW, ILS, STAR) MSFS2020 generates an abnormal approach pathway with unrealistic waypoints and inappropriate altitudes (14500 ft 10 nM from the arrival airport)?
This pathway cannot be deleted from the FMS and cannot be used in managed mode.
See attached files DJE8E approach for LFPG RW 27L
Do you intend to fix this bug?

what does the published STAR say?

I have seen the same. It did this to me in Munich and in London City. The only thing to do in that case is fly to the loc using HGD select and then back to managed once on the localizer.

I don’t know if this is a bug or user problems, but as I do not see that at all airports I would presume it is a bug of some sort.

It’s definitely a bug. I’m the finest virtual pilot the world has seen and if I can’t make it work properly, it’s a bug. :wink:


Here an example of what it did to me flying into London City…I was not planning on going the the Bermuda Triangle

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The only problem in the picture is that you will be landing with a tailwind.
What is it that you regard as problematic?
Which STAR did you choose?

Looks like a regular VOR DME approach to me.

You seem to approach Rwy 09, here is the currently published approach chart:

looks pretty much like in your ND. Can’t see anything wrong…


I did not care landing, just programming FMS to show a bug example

The correct approach should be:

I just checked the current data with Navigraph, and there is no DJE8E approach for LFPG.
Maybe you meant Dijon 8e (DJL8E), but this doesn’t end on BANOX.

According to the published RNAV initial approach chart for Rwy27L, the shown path from BANOX via DOMUS to PG516 is perfectly fine, even the FL140 at BANOX.
As published, you would continue from PG516 with a HDG of 089° until ATC clears you for decend and the final left turn towards CF27L…

So where is the bug? What exactly is abnormal?


You didn’t correct anything, as there was nothing wrong. You switched to a different approach (OKIPA 5W), that is all.


There are definitely some bugs in certain aircraft regarding loading approaches & STARs. Lucky for you, this isn’t one of them!

How/why did you choose the BANOX approach transition? Was it automatically assigned preflight, or by ATC on arrival? It is for arrivals from the southwest, and you appear to want a transition for southeast arrivals.

I’m not sure MSFS always picks the best arrival/departure when planning the flight. Regardless, a prudent pilot would double check it to make sure it’s correct and what they want.

Edit: Added Image.

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Here’s the STAR you choose, the DJL8E. As you can see it ends at OKIPA. You should have chosen the approach transition that subsequently starts at OKIPA, the OKIPA 5W.

Yes I intended to choose OKIPA and he automatically set the Banon approach whic is a non sense
I tried several approaches for EGLL, EHAM, EDDF,… and all of them were wrong
The problem is that you cannot delete these wrong approches and you need to a non-managed mode

I haven’t flown the Airbus, but can you just reselect a different approach? You can in the other aircraft I’ve flown.

What exactly do you mean by wrong?

The approaches, transitions and STARs generally seem correct. Do you mean the wrong approach is loaded into the FMC? Are you doing this manually, or is it pre loaded, from the selections made on the flight planning screen?

I think you’re being way too modest here … :relaxed:

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I planned an ILS approach (not a RNAV) BANON is not the correct transition for an ILS approch from DJL

No, I don’t think the STARs, transitions in the present MSFS2020 are correct.
I have been using fslabs A320 in P3d using navigraph navdata for a long time and these navdata are very accurate.
Navdata from MSFS2020 are incomplete: missing RWs, ILS, approaches
Wrong approches are loaded in the FMS
Have a look to this one (LFPG DJL8E for ILS27L): it is not realistic at all, FMS has created waypoints at altitude 14500 ft less than 4 miles from the IF???
This approach path does not exist in real life.
For the moment, I will not use these data and will not use the FMS for approaches, but the correct charts from Navigraph which in this case indicate: DJL, TRO, OKIPA and direct to CF27L

The FMS can’t interpret the published data, which calls for an ATC instructed decend. Since there is no further mention of altitude after the FL140 at BANOX, the FMS keeps this value for the following navpoints. Which wouldn’t be a problem, if you could edit the flight plan in the FMS.

Did you already try out the Navigraph beta implementation?

The actual problem was that the flighpath took me over the airport (you do not see that on the picture). But if that was a real flight I would have been right in the middle of out and inbound traffik. So something was very wrong. I did not programm that myself it was FS2020 that put that in my flightplan.