About Next Level racing motion V3 for simming


I´m seriously thinking about getting a Next Level Racing Motion platform V3 for my MSFS2020 and I´d love to know if you guys have any experience with it and whether it´s recommended for flight simming (Without screens since I just fly on VR, but I still have to check if I have enough room for it at home :sweat_smile:).

I know that probably there are better motion platforms and that NLR is preparing a “Boeing” motion platform to be announced pretty soon, but I think its price may be unreacheable for me. I´ve read some reviews and the V3 was highly appreciated. Do you recommend it or I should look for something different?



The issue with motion platforms and VR is motion cancelling. Some headsets you can do it with others you can’t. If you have a WMR headset then it’s a hard no. This post has some great information. Which VR headset ? (xsimulator.net) Noorbeast lists the headsets that can be used.
There is a unit coming out that should negate the need for motion cancelation. In fact the creator says that it actually compliments VR very well with no need for motion cancelation at all. The Motion Integrated G-Seat - part 1: Introduction - YouTube
I have watched all his videos and I tend to agree with him. I have all the necessary components because I was going to add motion to my pit before I got VR. So I am building one to see if he is correct.
Hope this help.


Thanks! I had no idea about motion cancelling. I use a Quest 2, since G2 took ages to launch here in Europe (those who preordered where the last to recieve them) also I was not very convinced about the WMR so I ended buying a quest 2.
Thanks for the links, I´ll take a look at them!

Not using a next level anything, but I’m using motion compensation on my G2 (OVRMC and a virtual tracker) in MSFS and other games… working well.

You do need to use the steam OXR runtime though, won’t work as yet on the windows OXR runtime until (if) they release a native OpenXR version of OVRMC (I guess that would be OXRMC!)

G-seats are nice, but best IMO is a combination of the two as the g-seats can’t get the same feel in turbulence, pitching/rolling movements and eg wheel touch down as an actual motion sim. Combing the two (actually 3 because I think shakers are a necessity too!) gets you the best of both worlds.


Sorry since I´m very new to all this, but using motion cancelling will let you move your head to different panels and gauges in the VR cockpit or it cancells all kind of movement and it just let you watch ahead?

Did you watch the linked vid?

Motion cancelation subtracts the motion of the motion seat from the overall motion of the headset. So without motion cancelation; if the seat moves up 6 inches, your view in the aircraft would move up 6 inches. That’s not good because from your perspective in the cockpit, you haven’t moved at all.
If motion cancelation is added/implemented then the seat can move up 6 inches yet your view in the cockpit would remain unchanged. So let’s say you move your head 6 inches closer to the dash to read it; while the seat is moving up 6 inches. The view in the headset will only show you moving your head, not a combination of the 2 movements because the seat movement is being canceled.


Yeah I’ve seen it before a while ago, it’s a cool concept.

Still not quite where a full motion rig + g-seat would be IMO but certainly a lot more cost effective.

Main thing I don’t like about the seat mover style things for both driving and flying is that you would move relative to pedals for example… more of an issue for driving where the wheel is also fixed in space but I think it would still feel a bit off with rudder pedals.

With the amount of movement his head is doing side to side I also still think motion compensation (while not strictly required) would be preferable too so I’m not entirely convinced it negates any need for motion compensation. I know certainly if my head moves that much on my rig it’s enough to shift my view around weirdly in the cockpit with comp off.

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Thanks! It´s quite clear, now. Ive watched some videos of the NLR V3 and in its software theres a VR tap where you can choose motion cancelation.

Tank you again

I conversed with NLR on motion compensation for the V3 motion platform a month ago and they said they have a beta version supporting FS2020 but it had some issues that needed resolving before it could be released.

I ended up not getting the V3 and ended up getting a Buttkicker with Simshaker Sound Module instead for < 10% of the V3’s cost and I am very happy with the added immersion it gives me in FS2020 in VR.

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Cool! I´ll contact them to see if they managed to solve the issues.
My main concern about the V3 is the space. I live in a quite small european flat and I should use a whole room to put the v3. The price is pretty high too and I have to add a rig with a seat compatible with the v3 and that is about 700-900 more euros.

I have a Next Level V3. i use it for sim racing, flying and roller coaster rides. As in the name it takes everything to the next level. I really enjoy it. I do feel that it makes the hole experience so immersive that if I am flying in a storm or on a windy day I may not use it because I get tossed around too much. LOL.

I would recommend it. it does not take up any space because it fits under you chair. After playing around with the settings (it is easy to change settings while flying). it is really enjoyable.
You will not hit your breaks as hard when you land in the chair, that is something that you do not notice if you are not in a motion chair.

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Thanks! I guess I´ll have to save a little before getting one, but I´m quite sure the V3 is the one for me. All the reviews and owners opinions I´ve read-watched agree that is one of the best motion platforms out there.
Thanks for your recommendation.


Do you fly FS2020 in VR? If so, how good does the motion compensation work, if at all?

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Hello, and yes to both. I fly in MSFS2020 in VR I have a HP Reverb G2 and a Oculus Quest2. The motion compensation works great. it is one of the easiest programs that i have used. Any time I had any problems I would let them know they would either fix it on line or send me a patch almost immediately. I mostly fly with the G2. i would like to add I purchased the G2 for MSFS2020 and when it works the MSFS2020 is truly amazing. I love it.


Have you tried the compensation with the Quest 2? is it any good?

Hello, Yes , compensation is good in the Quest2. The Quest2 is also great. I use the G2 more because of the two headsets the G2 has better resolution. If I did not have the two VR headsets to compare I would be happy with the Quest2. The Quest2 is a little smoother in my opinion.

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Excellent! Thanks!

I had the buttkicker way back in the FSX days without VR, now I only fly VR and want to take it to the next level, I am thinking the Motion V3 what are your thoughts I only fly FS2020 in VR and nothing else. what seat shall I get with this i will also need to use the seat as my daily work seat for my desk to use for other computer work.

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Actually according to reviews and user´s opinions is one of the best motion platforms out there, mainly for racing sims but for flight simmulators as well (can´t wait to check it with MSFS and IL2). The seat has to be compatible (check next level racing web, but mainly GTTrack) and if you have a seat already they offer some compatibility kits.
I contacted them to see if the use with MSFS was good and they answered;
“The Motion Platform V3 is an excellent platform for flight simulators and will work great with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Telemetry data inside this game isn’t perfect all the time currently however we’re aware they’re working on making it more consistent in the future, we have lots of users using it for this game.”

With “they” I guess they mean Asobo