About to try VR!

Hi guys, as always thank you for any input.
I have purchased the hp reverb vr, this will be my first experience with VR.
A few burning questions if I may…

  • Is there a tool to allow VSpy and Vatsim to appear in game?
  • Is there a simple kneeboard tool available to make notes?
  • I have a private LIDO account, thus I need to view my plates via the web, can I get a web based screen within the VR environment?

I know the answers are probably available online somewhere but I always value the experience and expertise on this forum.
Thank you all.

Good luck. I would never go back to 2D having used VR since Xmas. One thing I would say is, be prepared to exercise a lot of patience, as getting things setup the way you want won’t happen overnight but if you persist you will get there.

Be prepared to accept a hit to framrates and resolution. That extra immersion will likely cost you in performance.

Hope it goes well for you.

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Thanks for the reply.
What type of flying do you do? I’m hoping after the next sim update performance might be ok.
I’m running a intel 5 10th gen with 64gb ram and a 3070, let’s see :grin:
Any tips??

Hi @PeakKitten11564,

Welcome to the wonderful world of VR! I got my G2 at release, thinking that I’d only use it occasionally. How wrong I was! Even with the necessary turning down of graphics, I just can’t go back to 2D screen … it’s like watching a movie of someone else flying the plane instead of you!

You should be able to get fair performance with some tweaking as @Cliffyboy1962 says. Lots of good advice on these forums, but in the end, a lot of it is about what you’re happy with, what and where you want to fly etc. Render Scaling and Volumetric Clouds are the two really big hitters in terms of general performance. I posted my settings in response to another thread here … slightly different config, but some other good comments too. I fly mostly GA and VFR; but have clocked up quite a few hours in the magnificent DC6 recently … quite an experience in VR!

On your other questions, there are a couple of ‘kneeboard’ add-ons available. I use the GSim Kneeboard Navigation Log - it’s payware and has some nice features including an interactive VFR log sheet that works in VR. The online map is too slow in my experience though. There is also Sim EFB - Electronic Flight Bag - also payware, but I haven’t tried that one. Also take a look at FSKneeboard which looks pretty neat and has a free and paid version.

If you want to get really adventurous, you can code your own … Maximus has a toolbar template that shows how to add a custom toolbar icon that pulls up a website in a window. That works great in VR and might be able to get you to your LIDO website, with a bit of manipulation :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hope this helps a little - happy flying!


Thank you for the detailed response, much appreciated.
The only thing that’s leaving me a tad skeptical about VR is the fact I can’t see vatsim nor vspy, but we’ll see how that goes.
Thanks again and enjoy!!

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Just make sure you’re ready to handle what’s coming before flying in VR for the first time…
It’s a no-way-back! :wink:


The comments from you all is very reassuring!
Have you noticed a performance increase with the option for motion reprojection? It’s all over YouTube and the next gen in vr…

Best regards

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Turn motion reprojection off in my opinion.


With AMD GPUs (and WMR) it tends to have a nasty jello effect. I don’t use it.
Also, before you ask :wink: , the 200 rander scale “trick” to enhance sharpness has no effect on my setup. I’m running OXR and MSFS at 100% render scale.

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Thanks very much. Accessing ‘other’ systems and services from within VR is still something of a problem, but loads of folks are starting to come up with solutions. it’s this energy and creativity that always amazes me with flightsim …

I suspect that the VR we have now is just a hint of where the technology will take us in the next few years. Very exciting. I can hardly wait, nor can my credit card :rofl:

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To answer the VATSIM part of your question… with MSFS 2020 I don’t think the pilot client (VPilot) will work in VR for MSFS. I was blown away by Navigraph natively putting their charts and maps in the MSFS cockpit - including VR! Of course, Navigraph is a subscription, albeit worth it in my opinion. What X-Plane does with VATSIM in VR is, the plugin menu allows you to open ‘local controllers’ and also ‘text messages’, which sometimes have text messages for you (like from a controller who just came online). I have not seen that for MSFS yet. XPilot has been around a lot longer than VPilot so it eventually may get there for us VR only pilots. X-Plane has a free plugin called ‘MoveToVR’ which, as it says, moves ANY windowed app into your VR cockpit, but I have not seen that for MSFS yet either. Eventually, it should all get there for VR, notetaking, charts, VATSIM controllers, etc.

But, believe me, once you fly VR, you’ll never go back!

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Yep agreed

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Are any of you aware of a free scratch pad or kneeboard to write ATC notes on? Nothing special, just tha ability to note down taxi instructions if and when I use VR and vatsim?

I use this little package of VR tools which includes a simple notepad but it is a one off payment of $10. All very useful but the enhanced VR map, for me, sometimes pops up in a window that can’t be moved. Most of the time though it works perfectly.

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Guys, you have all been a huge help, I really appreciate it.
Now, sometimes in VR I’ve hit the windows key and it takes me to the mansion whilst flight sim is still open. Any idea how I get back into the sim from the mansion house?