About World Updates

What they do in World updates exactly?
Sorry my question, but i want to know if they update de cities, photogrammetry, and improve the cities, countrys etc… to make it more realistic?

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Basically, the default AI generated buildings are replaced with stuff that’s more suited to the region it’s in. Like the Japan update changed the generic buildings across the country to look more like buildings you’d actually see in Japan, vs buildings you’d see in the USA or Europe.

Landmarks, tall buildings, etc will be hand modelled to look like they do in real life. Landscape for some areal will likely be changed as well to look more natural.

Not sure what else offhand, but I’m sure others will chime in and add more to this. But this is the short version.

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Thank you man :slight_smile:
Understood, i hope they release an World Update in Europe

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They likely will in due time. The next scheduled update is USA. I wouldn’t be surprised if Europe wasn’t too far behind.

Sadly, I doubt they’ll give Canada any love. :sob:

Eheheh nice :slight_smile: not bad at all
And i would love to see Portugal improved ehehe, im portuguese :stuck_out_tongue:

Over time as the Bing satellite and photogrammetry databases grow and get better with more up to date and higher resolution data, I think we’ll see far better looking locations around the world, even if we don’t get the hand-crafted treatment.

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Actually, new trailer showed a lot of Canada. Even Mexico.


Mexico is already gorgeous in the game.

Ohhh. I missed the trailer. Must go watch it now.

What trailer?

This is basically the trailer.

these trailers showcase what is in game at this moment , not what will come.

TBH canada cities has photogrammetry from beggining (atleast quebec , montreal, )

Problem will be with northern regions but that the general issue with sattelite imagery


I think we can all agree that the sim does not look like this at the moment.

They’ve really butchered LOD and photogrammetry in the last couple patches.

Case in point, look at the San Diego airport photos from the marketplace airport and even in that example you can see all the melted buildings everywhere outside the airport. It definitely doesn’t look like the trailer.


World updates will have better elevation data among other things which helps to shape better mountains and coasts
Japan went from 30 meter DEM data to 5 meters after the world update.
Asobo said they have got hold of very detailed DEM data for US, suggesting it is even lower than 5 meters. That would be fantastic.

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nope , we cannot all agree, yesterday i checked Quebec and Montreal and also Chicago
It looks exact same as in trailer.
there on forums is also recreation of the trailer ingame.

Problems with photogrammetry are mainly caused by ■■■■■■ connection, it is not afflicting everyone.

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Hi, yes i hope the Europa get à big updates Somme roads get down in water and TRAINs o TRAINTRACK is nowere and house is just à Pictures so i hope it Will be beter in futur!

Yup…Asobo alluded to better than 3 meter resolution in the U.S. in their most recent Q/A session.

As far as Canada, and other regions goes, they also said the issue is getting the data. It’s not that it’s unobtainable, but that the best data is owned by the individual countries that have bought it from third party satellite owners, for things such as environmental monitoring, agriculture development, etc… Asobo said they can get the data, but the hard part is finding out who to contact in each country, and negotiating the rights to use it. In the U.S., the federal government is “owned” by the people, so the data is freely available, without any restrictions per se. That’s the reason you can get every FAA chart from the FAA website for “free”…“free” as in having paid federal income taxes that fund those types of programs.

Europe will be crazy to get that data from all of those individual countries. Will likely take a long time IMO.

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maybe, they should look into how Google solved those issues as they already have an extensive free coverage on GoogleEarth for Central and South America, Europe, Far East, and Oceania.

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I’m guessing Google has more aggressively kept their data up to date than Bing has, which means they have spent more money. By buying the data outright from the few satellite providers that EVERYONE gets their data from, they own it, and can use it without restrictions. Also, they’ve spent a ton of money with their vehicle mounted cameras in more urban areas for their street level imagery.

My impression is Google values Google Earth more than Microsoft values Bing Maps. I don’t see the Bing division buying huge amounts of new satellite data to give to Asobo, for a game. I think it’s gonna be on Asobo to get the data from other sources…ie free, or nearly free sources.

yeah and just compare Tokyo metropolitan area of the size of a small country on GoogleEarth photogrammetry and on what we have with MSFS2020 Japan Update (covering only downtown extending merely single digit miles away). the hurricane will break out if Lockheed Martin makes a deal with GoogleEarth for a next gen P3D…

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I didn’t hear you mention San Diego. It’s spotty at best. Have you flown down there recently? That area is also in the trailer and right now looks like a mess, regardless of my connection (which is A gigabit connection).

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