Absoultely awful performance on lowest settings using 3070

I dropped everything in the graphics settings to the lowest setting possible, and I’m still getting constant stutters every .5-2 seconds as I’m flying. Head movement is a bit jittery, but everything outside the cockpit is constantly stuttering.

My system:

i7 7770
3070 latest drivers
16 gig RAM
Oculus Quest 2 using link


Weirdly my performance improves 100% if I alt-tab out of FS, no idea why but it’s smooth as butter when it’s not focused. Moment I alt-tab back in my performance takes a nose dive. Feels like it should be the exact opposite of this :confused:

I can a echo this. Performance is woeful on the Index with default low settings on a 10900k and 3080. Never seen anything like it. Far worse than DCS was 2 years ago.


I thought it was just my setup (3990k + gtx1080ti) but I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad that people with much better rigs than my own are having the same experience

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Honestly this should never have been released in this state.

My friend with a i9 and 3090 with a Rift S is having the exact same issues.

This is not ready for release, and it honestly should be hotfixed out of the game with an emergency patch.

It is just going to make people sick.

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Sorry, this isn’t the issue.

People with other HMDs are having the exact same performance problems.

Also, I’ve been using my Quest 2 with a link on dozens of other games and it works great.

This video goes into quite a bit of detail - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKt7G8Qfuq8&feature=emb_title

It looks like particular settings have a very outsized hit such as glass cockpit refresh rates and light shafts in particular.

Sorry to hear that.

I have a 1080TI with a HP Reverb G2 and settings on medium. Works!


I mean this doesn’t suprise me.
Mostly everyone can’t maintain 60fps without VR.
In VR its much more graphically intensive.
I know they wanted to get VR done, but they really should focus on improving FPS for everyone before we start adding stuff like VR.

Also they should take a leaf out of X-Planes book, they render the cockpit seperatley to the sim, so looking around the cockpit is 90fps but outside can be lower.


I have the 10700k, 3080 ftw3, and the Reverb G2 and VR looks great! Yes, graphics take a hit but it’s smooth and immersive. I am getting great FPS and smooth flying so far.

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Happy it’s released for everyone, no major complaints here with 3080 + Pimax 5K+ after 150hrs of flying exclusively in VR. Just have to keep your expectations realistic.

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My system:

i7 4770
16gb RAM
Reverb G2

While it isn’t completely smooth, it does sound like I’m getting better performance than you. This is with the default VR settings.

3070 here, running well. Sits around 40fps, I upped a few graphics settings to make it look a little sharper.

Why would you expect them to do an emergency roll back? Just don’t use the vr feature for now if it’s not working for you.

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That video proves that you should never preorder anything. Gagged until post release of VR to mask the reality that it performs terribly and needs effects turned off entirely, with render scaling at 70%, and even then you get “ground judder”.

This is the SteamVR performance graph before any environment is even being rendered.


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That makes so much sense … as well as being able to control with multiple monitors, is a given monitor is displaying only Cockpit, outside cockpit only, or both

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You might want to read the following discussion, it might help you (or not):

My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Valve Index)

NB: there is a lot of material and explanations which are applying to more than just the Index. I’m preparing an equivalent discussion for the Reverb G2 more specifically. You might find some conclusions in the discussion are not agreeing with what the video posted above is showing.

Please see the discussion which I’ve posted a link above. With the Index you have to use 90Hz to get the best frame time and the less spikes. It might be a bug in the SteamVR OpenXR driver implementation or just FS2020 only expecting people to run HMD at 90Hz.

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CPU: Ryzen 3900X
GPU: GTX 1080 (Still trying to find a 3070 :frowning: )
RAM: 32gb
Headset: Oculus Rift (Not the S variant)
Preset: Medium

Airport: TFFJ
Aircraft: C152
FPS: 45 (looks fine in VR for me)

Airport: TFFJ
Aircraft: TBM930
FPS: 40-45 (looks fine in VR for me)

Airport: TFFJ
Aircraft: A320
FPS: 32 (Too low for VR makes me feel sick)

Airport: Chile Landing Challenge
Aircraft: C172
FPS: 45 (Looks fine)

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Granted I only have a GTX 1080, but with graphics on their lowest possible settings and flying in open desert I am getting too much judder and stutter that I feel sick. I try it again in 5 years.