Acceptance cirteria for the questions for the Dev QA?

The questions for the Dev Q&A session must be accepted by the moderators.
I posted 3 questions at roughly the same time, 2 were accepted but one not appeared.
So I posted again, asking moderator if there is anything wrong with this question. No answer.
The question was following:

My previous question on the topic was not accepted by the moderator, so posting again. If you (the moderator) don’t like this question, I would appreciate if you explain why.

What are the plans for fixing the tree distance draw issues?
One of the early patches introduced a bug causing tree draw distance to be much smaller. Also trees tend to dissapear at closer distance and appear again even closer.
Details explained here:
LOD Problems - Distances revisited


I’m not certain they are censuring, but the problem with the night lighting post is that they didn’t find any question explicitly asked in the post. In other words, it was probably fine as-is for a “tell us what’s wrong” discussion but not for a “ask your questions”.

I fail to see much difference in the case of night lighting but I understand they’d like to follow a certain format. In addition we’re a lot being used discussing these matters in the Trees LOD and Night Lighting discussion and we do have a shared knowledge and background on these issues, but a developer during Q&A might not at all know what we’re discussing about. Therefore, in adding a little bit of context, a direct questions, and in adding the materials supporting the question, it was accepted as expected.

PS: I was about to post a Q&A for the trees as well. Given I initially reported and investigated this problem and no one was raising it so far!

Maybe the moderators consider the questions mentioning bugs introduced in the previous patches as disrespectful regarding the effort of the development team to improve the sim?
However everybody who does any work makes mistakes from time to time and there is nothing wrong in admitting the mistake and using the help provided by the community to correct it. The detailed analysis of the bug provided by CptLucky8 is a great starting point to find and correct the faulty piece of code.

I received following answer from the moderator:


Your Dev Q&A submission regarding LOD was rejected as the question is similar to one already asked: Expand Graphic Settings/More Customization/Sliders

Please vote there instead if you feel this issue needs your vote.

All the best."

And my response:

My question has nothing in common with adding more customization options. It’s about a bug introduced in one of the early patches which caused issues with tree draw distance. Trees are displayed at much closer distance vs. the release version. Moreover the tree draw distance depends on the size of the trees. And even more the draw distances are better for some tree species on ultra setting and for some on high.
And finally the trees dissappear when getting closer and reappear again.
This is all meticulously documented by CptLucky8 - did you check the post I referenced in my question before discarding my question?

The biggest advantage of the MFS2020 is spectacular scenery. By some bug introduced in one of the early patches it was downgraded - you see barren flat landscape instead of trees if you look further than a mile or two.


I don’t understand why you insist on rejecting even a question about it - fixing the bug would bring the trees representation to it’s initial release time glory.

Please reconsider.

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