Achievement Status - A Little more Info

I am hoping for some minor adjustments or “drill down” into Achievement status.

For example: “Jack of All Trades” (fly all Standard Planes 300+miles). If there can be a checklist of which planes have been done or not done.

Similarly: for “Service with a Smile” (all ground services): A Simple sub check box showing what has not yet been done or already done.

Or for Bush Flights: I have done all flights… but never got achievement. I guess I never understand what element I am missing. Perhaps on the very first flight, as I blustered through…I might have clicked on VFR assistance by mistake.

Sometimes I don’t think Achievements are bugged… but there isn’t a clarity as to what the remaining criteria (or exact criteria) are. I know they are there in the databases or logs of FS2020… but the player cant see or understand what is missing. Hence that leads to many users now complaining the system is bugged when sometimes… it isn’t. We just don’t clearly understand or fail to find the little aspect to achieve 100%

Im surprised there are no votes for an achievement fix?

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because that is quite possibly one of the most unimportant parts of this “game”?

Achievements need to be fixed.

Currently stuck with the “Completionist” Achievement after completing all required Bush Trips and ALL landing challenges. It’s stuck at 96% with no indication of what I’m missing.

“Decathlon” is also painfully slow. The Achievement was designed with “weekly activities” in mind but these activities (now called spotlight events) only come around when there is a SU. On the previous SU it didn’t even count towards progress on Xbox. It will take years at this rate to get this Achievement completed.