Achivements: max. distance with no engine thrust


I tried to achive this but regardless of whether I sailed the Icon A5 or the citation longitude with the engines stopped, I always get 0.00. Does anyone know the trick?

There is a magic formula for calculating gliding distance.

Available glide equals 0.5 of the distance to the nearest runway.

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Did you just reduce thrust to idle or did you actually turn off the engines?

Fly the minimum drag speed for the correct weight? Seems like a simple achievement to get when using the correct speeds. Weight has no influence on glide range by the way, a light aircraft travels just as far as a fully loaded one given the correct speed is flown, heavy = higher glide speed and therefore shorter glide time but same glide range when compared to a light aircraft.

I shut the engines off in both aircraft. In the Icon I glide for about 30 minutes from 19.000 ft. With Icon I also landed on water so it was not crashed. With the Longitude I miss the targeted airport by 5 miles and sunk the plane in the pacific :roll_eyes:

But both times no record in the profile.

Acheivements are pretty bugged IMHO. I got most of the ones I’ve attained without even doing what was intended to get them. And I didn’t get others that I tried very hard to do.

My latest was SIDs and STARs on Saturday. Supposed to get that landing at X number (can’t remember the exact number offhand) of starred airports on the map. I got mine while flying at 7000 over the Everglades from KAPF to KOPF - neither being a starred airport.

I also got the one for landing on a grass runway (can’t remember the title offhand) while at flight levels in the Longitude over the Indian Ocean. At that point, I had NEVER landed on a grass strip.


Yeah, that sounds like a solution. Didn’t you happen to write down the point above the Indian Ocean? :rofl:


Xbox people will get mad when they wont be able to get their points

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i’ve got achievements unlocked/opened have tried them or not and using ms store version which is xbox related, at least achievements are from xbox thingy

I didn’t. This was months ago now. I just remember I found it quite funny to get that achievement at that time when I wasn’t even close to being in a situation where this could have been possibly granted.

Is’nt this game about getting achievements? I cant sleep still having one of this at 0.00! Why that ocean must be that big?

I need coffee, much coffee … :crazy_face:

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