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I tried using the ActivatorApp.exe with the key code i received with the order confirmation to get the craft off the ground , but it won’t work .
the Activator app confirms it is done and the restriction should be removed , but nothing happening .
any one is having this problem ? advice please.

I do not have the H145 so this is just based on logic and a few possible assumptions…

From your description it appears you have run through a license activation process that says it has been completed successfully, but despite that you are unable to take off?
If not and for some reason the activation process either fails or keeps repeating I would suggest you would be better off contacting the developer directly.

I assume you have done the obvious like started from the runway so the helicopter is configured for flight? If not it might be something like you have not advance the helicopter throttle before trying to raise the collective to take off.

Have you checked the documentation what (if any) control assignments may be needed? And/or for that matter ensured your controls actually move the controls in the helicopter?

You dont even need to be loaded into the sim for it to work normally. He should be able to activate it at any time from before loading the sim right up until all systems running and ready to take off.

Not had any issues with it personally.

I also suggest contacting the dev’s directly. Discord seems to be the best way.

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Hi there, caught up on all emails finally and browse a few forum posts - email or Discord is the best way to reach us, with Discord being preferred so the community can lend a hand if we’re out of office.

The activation tool should not stop working - in every case so far I’ve resolved it’s been because someone moved the activation app outside of the original folder.

If this is not the case with your install I would recommend trying to run the application as Administrator, and if that still doesn’t work a reinstall would be recommended.

Thanks all for the followup ,
I have already placed the problem with the developer in the advised address.
Waiting for an answer.
I will post the response once I receive it .

The address is : Discord

PharaohEoTrusted Forum 3rd Party Dev < the dev is giving advice :slight_smile:

I tried re installing and used the same activation code , but the same result.

Please reach out to us via Discord so we can do some live troubleshooting.

Thanks, I have already opened a new case in Discord to discuss the same problem .

Same happening to me, states is activated, in community folder, starts in idle made when airport selected, problem is on the flight instrument panel where landing light warning etc is displayed has a warning “not activated” aircraft will not take off etc?? any ideas please.

Sorry states “activation required”

1 newly discovered potential issue is a bad saved key file.

We will do some updates but in case anyone else has an invalid code, you can remove Community\hpg-airbus-h145\HPGH145\keycode.txt, the saved key file, and it will request again next time and successfully activate.