Add more night lighting to buildings

Just thought I post a request that has been bugging me. The office buildings in areas like downtown/central business districts look as if there’s a power outage do to the ‘Global Reset’. On top of the over powering night street lights still present in V1.10.11.1 buildings are dark and lifeless in cities. Please add (some) lighting in the windows of these buildings (Disclaimer: NOT EVERY WINDOW…). Flew to Atlantic City and it was closed for business, Downtown Orlando/Disney World/all resorts closed, world cities shut down for business. Random houses in residential neighborhoods could use subtle lighting every two or three homes apart. Even in the time of Covid what’s depicted in the sim is very unrealistic.

The building lights for the skyscrapers in the major cities at night time are the same color which makes the buildings look very boring and ugly. I would recommend that you introduce new colors for the building lights such as yellow, blue, green, purple etc. Maybe research the lighting for iconic buildings and have their own profile


Would love to see this for whole key areas. Vegas Strip, TImes square, Shinjuku, etc. Right now even hand modeled buildings like the Tokyo skytree are incredible vfr disaster waiting to happen with no light at all at night. Why bother modeling the thing and then not finish it off with some lighting?

What time of day did you do this? The amount of lights actually depends on the time of day.

Like you’ll see a lot less lights on in buildings at midnight then for example right after sundown.

Building night lighting is not affected by time changes through the course of the night, just checked…
I was hoping I was missing something.

Maybe it broke in an update, because it did for me before.

They lights are affected by time of day, but this is only in non-photogrammetry areas, or if your turn off photogrammetry for other big cities. Very cool!

I would also like to see the building lights a bit more random. They almost always tend to be on in clumps. Not very realistic.