Add new control bindings for set and release of parking brake

Actually there exists only a Keybind for “toggle Parking-brake”.
But I would like to have an additional Keybind, which I can bind to a hardware-switch, so that PB is on, when switch is to ON, and is off, when switch is to OFF!

That would be great!

Unless I’m missing something, the only control binding for the parking brake is an on/off toggle.

For those of us with appropriate hardware it would be good to have separate bindings for ‘set’ and ‘release’, in exactly the same fashion as gear up/gear down.

Just map it to the B button and its on or off…

You’re missing the point. I know it can be turned on and off with one button, as I said in the first sentence. The problem with a toggle is that without some other indication, you have no idea of the current state and therefore can’t tell if you’re turning it on or off. That applies throughout, not just for the parking brake.

I have a couple of two-position levers in my cockpit (a lot of other people will have hardware with two-position switches as found on most HOTAS throttles). One of these is used for the landing gear, and it’s explicit in that up raises the gear and down lowers it. I would like to use the other for the parking brake, but it’s impossible without the specific bindings I’m asking for.

Exactly. Need a parking brake on and a parking brake off. I have a parking brake lever but I can’t use it because it has two positions. It’s not a button that can be toggled.

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Yes you can

And how can I do that?

I’m gonna have to agree with OP that there’s no way to do this right now. The only Parking Brake control is “Toggle Parking Brake”. I’m pretty sure they’re asking for something like Landing Gear. With Landing Gear you can bind “Toggle Landing Gear” which will switch the gear between up and down each time you hit the button, or you can bind “Gear Up” and “Gear Down” which do what they’re named. If the gear is down and you hit “Gear Down” nothing happens.

OP is asking for 2 new binds like “Engage Parking Brake” and “Disengage Parking Brake”.

yes, I would like to have a keybind, which sets the parking-brake active, as long as my hardware switch is set to on.
Only when I change the switch to off, the the parking-brake should get released.
I think, this will be really helpfull for everyone, who has a homecockpit with hardware switches.

I´m missing to possibility to bind to joystick button release park brake function.

My opinion is the same!
Please add such a keybind!

Think of the new Thrustmaster Airbus series with special switch for the parking brake. Yes it is a must for the future!

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i’d like to extend this to not just include parking brake, but any assignment that has a toggle feature should have an on/off keybind as well…vice versa is true…any on/off keybind should also have a toggle to go with it…such as PAUSE (without menu)

I would love a parking brake on and parking brake off selection. It is annoying to land with the brake on in a taildragger.

I think, that’s an easy thing to implement. There is a way to assign a button to swich between release and activate parkingbrake and one to activat it, but none to just release it. Can this opurtunity please be added?

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I would like to remind for that topic.
I think its very easy to realize for Asobo!

I really would like to use a hardware switch on my thrustmaster Throttle to switch the parking Brake on and off.
But its annoying to put the switch to ON - AND - OFF to get the brake activated and put the switch again to ON - AND - OFF to get it deactivated.

There are so many useless keybinds in the simulator, but this VERY USEFUL one is really missing!!!