[ADD ON] : Camera Headtracking

Demo video:

Installation video:

AITrack free download https://github.com/AIRLegend/aitrack/…
OpenTrack free download https://github.com/opentrack/opentrac…

This add on look like at a VR without visor… Hope you enjoy! :wink: :blush:


Has anyone tried this and can report it works? is it worth a go?


This is simply wonderful.

It does work, and works quite well too.

One thing, make sure your face is well-illuminated because if there’s shadow, the tracking can get “lost”.

OpenTrack works for me, AItrack crashed my explorer

available for android phones?

How’s the privacy? Face-detection send to company?


No, is only an application. They don’t see your face

i seee the zip win32…i guess it is also working with winbdow 10 win64 bit ? thanks

wow…60 fps…my dream…

hi again…sorry but what is the difference between airtrack and opentrack ? tks

You need both: AI track detects your head position, opentrack is an interface which sends it to MSFS and where you can apply your own profile (null zone, sensitivity…).

cool…Many thanks

Sadly airtrack opens, detects the camera, light comes on on the camera and then it closes down every time :frowning:

found the fix. amend the preferences file and add something into the FPS section (eg 30).

And happy to report - works very well!

I don’t know about this particular app, but I found a paid one on the MicrosoftFlightSim subreddit that works amazingly well on my phone. It’s $6 in Canada, not sure of the prices in other regions. In my case it was worth the money. I don’t have a lot of light at my desk and this app really tracks my head well, without me having to wear any markers.

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oh man you really changed my mood :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you tell me the name of that application or send me the link? thx

I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know if it’s allowed. It’s called SmoothTrack (I’m in no way affilitated with it, I’m just a very happy customer).
He talks about it here, including links to app stores: https://www.reddit.com/r/flightsim/comments/in5aw3/thanks_to_your_encouragement_feedback_ive_turned/

Like I said, I love how well it works. the only things I still need to sort out are:

  1. how to get my ■■■■ Galaxy s9 to not shut down the screen when plugged in. (the most I can see in settings is a 10-minute delay, but even that’s not enough).
  2. mounting my phone somewhere. Right now it just rests against my laptop screen and I run the sim on my external monitor, but the phone covers part of the navmap I have on the laptop screen.

silly question…if you look to the right or to the left…so how can you look at your screen then ? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: