Added Airwolf - Test Version

For fun, it’s WIP and test version available here - Airwolf – FLIGHTSIM SQUADRON

Intro / test flight video:

Was hoping to reply to this thread but it’s now closed - AIrwolf ( supercopter ) - #13 by ImDrako2132


Nice!! I will test it tonight, just go fun :slight_smile:
Merci :smiley::+1:

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Added some custom sounds for engine start, engine shutdown and prop sounds. And triggering the theme intro with flaps because theme music :slight_smile:
Demo video here -


I thought it was freeware, but no…
Too bad. I had the same one under x plane. too bad :frowning:

It is free.

Yeah mate, always free

ha yes indeed, I hadn’t seen the button, no thank’s :slight_smile:

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