[ADDON RELEASE] LetsFly - Flight Planning Utility

LetsFly is a proof of concept for a unique flight planning utility.
It’s a flight planner for the times you ask yourself; Where should I fly today?
I primarily made it for myself but thought others might find it handy as well. I seemed to get stuck doing the same routes all the way back to FSX. Using this I have explored a lot more areas, which is really cool with this amazing scenery.

LetsFly is a simple utility for creating interesting random flight plans using user-defined search parameters. Explore new areas, find a flight within a user defined range, find the shortest grass runway in a location to test your skills. Easily save your favorite flight plans, or get detailed information about the airport including weather.

Available Search Parameters:

  • Location: Continent / Country / Region / Random
  • Range - Within Min and Max nautical miles
  • Airport Size: Small, Medium, Large, etc.
  • Runway Type: Concrete, Grass, etc.
  • Required Airport Length - Min & Max
  • Fuel Available
  • Available Landing Systems: ALS, VASI, ILS

LetsFly is not a full fledged flight planner and you will need to use other tools for detailed flight planning. LetsFly will give you a possible “journey” how you plan the trip is up to you. All airports should plug into MSFS2020 without an issue, and you can setup your flight from there (VFR/IFR, etc).

Easy to install: Just drag the folder (in the ZIP) to where you would like. Please be sure to have the latest .NET runtime installed. Windows 10 x64 compatible. Please be aware this is an early beta, and may contains bugs.

Download Link: LetsFly • Flight Simulator 2020


  • Moved to a better hosting site, shouldn’t have the same download issues as before.
  • Fixed a decimal localization issue causing the database not found error. Big thanks to @Snoo0oop with the assistance testing!
  • Please be sure you have the latest virus definitions for Windows Defender or it may falsely flag the exe as malicious.


Very good, I will make good use of this.
Can you load the saved flight plan in to MSFS

@McLARENFI Thanks. Not at this time but the ident’s (airport IDs) copy and paste pretty easily. So you can do it with a couple clicks. Right now it saves it more in a pilot log book format, and you can add additional comments.

Next phase I was thinking more MSFS integration with the flight plan injected, along with real-time monitoring of the flight and “grading” performance with a more detailed log book.

Sounds great, keep up the good work :+1:t2:

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Interested in feedback and ideas as well… Thanks all…

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Wow, that looks cool :sunglasses:

May I ask for the airport data source you use? Who defined small/medium/large airports etc?

Sure it’s in the readme… It’s primarily ourairports.com which helped categorize everything. It may change in the future but it was helpful for the proof of concept. They have done a ton of work.

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Result on my PCfatal error
And db folder is in the same folder as app. (net runtime Ok)

Hi, thanks to the original poster for producing what looks to be a great app.

However on trying to download this from the link provided, Windows blocks the file saying it contains a Trojan Virus. Did anyone else get this message.

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Just tried it, got the same message. Windows Defender came back and said there was a trojan in it and blocked the file.

Thanks for the reports. I removed the download link while i investigate.

UPDATE: That’s strange I downloaded the file from the hosting site in case they tampered with the zip. My Windows Defender is updated as of 10/7 and it reports no threats in the zip file. comparing the zip file to the original the data looks identical. will investigate some more, sorry for the trouble.

@iowahawkeyedave @Skyperion could you send me the actual threat name? also the virus def update date? I’d like to submit the file to msfs for analysis as a false threat and they would need that info.

Also are you using Edge browser and reputation-based protection turned on? I was only able to get that to block the download (with a warning it could be dangerous), and that would make sense as my code is not signed or commercial. Otherwise I can’t seem to find any threats in the hosted zip file.


Sophos also didn’t find anything…


Hi @FlippinFlow thanks so much for looking into this. I have the virus details, would you like me to PM them over for you to look into?

All the best.

Thanks to @iowahawkeyedave for his assistance.

!! If you get a windows defender alert please make sure you have the latest virus definitions!! Make sure you are on Antivirus Version: 1.325.399.0 and Antispyware Version: 1.325.399.0 otherwise it falsely reports it as a trojan.

New Location:

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@TenPluto2672451 please direct message me and I’ll try to help with your issue. If you have all the files in one folder it should just work. might want to try unzipping it again to a different place.

Nope, still getting a virus alert from windows -> Trojan:Win32/Spursint.F!cl

Maybe you should make it open source.

Same punishment! Regardless of the place (c: d:) or different folders :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
However no virus has been reported.
It doesn’t matter :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi FlippinFlow,

I have no virus messages and the windows defender scan does not find any. :+1:t2:

But I have exactly the same message as TenPluto2672451. :thinking:

I have .NET Framework 4.8 and LetsFlyDB.db is in the same folder.

Can you tell us in which folder it works for you so that we try?
Maybe there is a hard-written path somewhere?

I also have the latest version of NET Framework 4.8 and LetsFlyDB.db is in the same folder. Gets the same error message as Snoo0oop!

@TryingSquire06 @TenPluto2672451 Please try the latest version linked in the updated original post. There was a parsing issue with decimal localization causing this message. It has been fixed in the latest version with assistance from @Snoo0oop.

Ok! The latest version works. Good idea! Thanks!

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