Addons Linker updated, now not working?


So I was using addons linker with no problem, and with the most recent update to MSFS (1.21.18) it is no longer working. The weird part is, ONE of my planes works with the Linker - the Aerosoft CRJ. Yet nothing else does, which makes even less sense. But ignoring that one anomoly, checking the boxes for various things in the Linker does indeed put a link into the Community folder, but when you load MSFS, the things are not loaded into the sim (EXCEPT, again, for the CRJ, which really baffles me).

The other possible monkeywrench here is that I updated Addon Linker recently as well, though I can’t remember which I updated first, Linker or MSFS (it was around the same time).

Any ideas? Thanks!

It works perfectly fine

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I’m glad it’s working for you, but it’s not working for me. :slight_smile: :man_shrugging:

addon linker it is not an app that works for some and not for others.You are doing something wrong

Can you read what I wrote and either offer a solution or just not say anything if you’re just going to make random comments? It was working, I update both it and the sim, and now it’s not working. Thanks.


Huh ? i am clearly saying to you.The app is flawless.It doesn’t have something to be not working.
Either you have forgotten something while extracting the files,or something is wrong with the sim(again from your perspective)
What you have to do,is check the installation folder and clear left overs

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Ok, I apologize if I was short. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the app.

I updated the app. I updated the sim. It was working before both updates. It is not working after the updates. I have changed NOTHING in the settings of either the sim or the app (which retains the settings after an update anyway). I have changed nothing in my folder structure. When I click on an item in Addon Linker it moves to the right column and has a green circle. I’m not getting any error messages. It creates the folder links in my Community folder.

So yes, ostensibly the program is working. But when I load the sim, nothing is there. These aren’t newly-extracted files or folders.

I updated the sim, updated the Linker. Nothing else has changed. Sorry if I was short.

Hmm, it’s been working for me.

I know the developer had a rough holiday experience and released several updates in rapid succession. Maybe double check you didn’t miss an update? Latest version on is 0.13.8037.42

Hey, yeah, that’s the version I have. What’s weird is that it IS creating the folder links in the Community folder, just like it was before. They just don’t show up in the sim.

but this has nothing to do with the linker.
It almost looks as if your FS is expecting the folder elsewhere.

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Unfortunately that sounds more like a sim issue versus an issue with Add-on Linker.

If you open the symbolic links it creates in the community folder, do you see the full directory of whatever Add-on you’re checking? If it’s all there, then the sim must be at fault.

Delete the community folder and let MSFS recreate it, then try the linker again?

Backup, then delete your content.xml file and let that rebuild and see if that helps?


Could be you now have two community folders, compare the AOL path with that in UserCfg, they should be the same

Yes indeed. All appears as it should. See photos. When I click on any of the folder links in the Community folder it goes right to the folder it should.

I think you might be the grand prize winner… the update reverted it to the C drive, I have the exact same structure, except my Packages folder is on my D drive. Checking to see if this fixes it…


Ok, this one I can’t believe.

When I initially downloaded the game a year and a half ago, I put the install on my C drive and my Packages (Community and Official) in the exact same folder structure on my D drive.

So the game itself was on C, all the Community and Official content was on D.

I was in the Beta for the most recent sim update. When I left the Beta (which you have to at the end), I restarted the sim, and it wanted to download like 130GB of content. I guess it’s a known issue that sometimes this happens, and it’s legit, and you have to do it. (Do you see where this is going?).

The sim redownloaded EVERYTHING onto my C drive that I already had on my D drive. The “new/updated” sim that I downloaded onto my C drive (unwittingly) has been running for the past two weeks. When I looked in the UserCfg file, you were right, it was looking at:


But I was expecting it to be looking at:


SO. Now I have two copies of the sim on my PC. I still can’t figure out how the CRJ got installed onto my C drive. But that’s kind of the least of my problems.

Now what the hell do I do? I have updated UserCfg to point to my Packages on my D drive. Can I just delete the duploicate files on my C drive? (NOT the sim itself, but the Packages folders, just empty them out?).

Wow. So basically I didn’t point the update to my D drive, making this in essence my own fault.

Play whichever install doesn’t have CTD’s :laughing:

Glad you got it sorted


Alright, so now the next question is, because everything in the Packages files on my C drive is just a duplicate, I can delete it all, right? Now that the sim is pointing correctly to the Packages folder on my D drive?

It isn’t the sim itself that was downloaded twice, just all the content.

Make sure the most recent Official folder is on D: next to your full Community and delete the duplicate folders in C: - update the path in UserCfg to thr D one … In the game go to content manager and look for any updates.

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Random Comment : Re-install Addon Linker :yum:

Reinstalling the Worldwideweb has more of a chance :grin: