ADE 2020 (Airport creator tool)

I know most people can’t use the SDK on MSFS due to their PC’s not being powerful enough. So a user named “scruffyduck” (an Admin and Staff of the FS Developer website) created an application to create your own airports without opening up MSFS.

I’m copy and pasting this tool from FS Developer so it can get more traffic: ADE 2020 Alpha 20 Released

People are already creating airports like Miramar Naval Air Station/MCAS with this tool.

Note: This isn’t where you post bug reports, I did not create this tool so I can’t help. Head to the fsdeveloper forum thread listed above.


Nice, reminds me of AFCAD which I used with FS2004 for the exact same reason (it didn’t have an in-sim editor anyway).
It was the easiest way to fix taxiway names and parking positions on existing airports as well.

Thanks for the post, have used ADE in the past. I made aircraft carriers for FSX which actually moved and had GPS locations with an ICAO when in port. As well as normal land based airports. With illness I now have problems working things out (meds affect brain) so ADE may end up helping me more. Thanks again.

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Think you’ll find he’s one of the staff here also :slight_smile:

ADE is a great tool, good to see it now coming to MSFS

Thanks for posting about ADE. It is currently in version Alpha 20 and supports most airport elements. It can also work with the in Sim Dev Mode to ‘two way’ edit a project. As mentioned already there is a forum off site from here which provides links to versions and support. Airport Design Editor for MSFS 2020 | FSDeveloper

It is a re-write of ADE for FSX etc since there are a lot of differences in features but does retain the CAD style of working

Thanks again for your interest


Sorry for digging up this topic (new “inhabitant” in the forum tends to explore the neighbourhood).
Glad to know that you are here as well. Been using ADE since FS2004 up to P3D and having recently (last week) come to FS2020 from P3D I am searching for the tools available for it.
I decided to dig this topic to report a fun and weird thing that I found thanks to ADE on P3Dv4. The default KVCB Airport (factory for the Icon A5) is only a runway with a simple taxiway and apron diagram, however opening the standard/default airport in ADE shows the apron as it is on Jeppesen charts with all the parking positions as it should be. Fortunately, compiling the airport it appears as it should by default :rofl:

Someone help me here?
I downloaded the ADE but it says basefile not found when I try to load an instock airport. Folders are correct.