Adjust flaps point to point in any aircraft

It is not possible to get down 1 point flaps to TO in all aircrafts, with throttle Hotas Warthog command
of flaps 22 or 23. The only thing I can do: I have to put command 12 of Hotas and also I have to move the lever of flaps in the aircraft to position 1.

    I'm using a warthog throttle, I have it set up so that the flaps switch is set to the mid position (between 22 & 23) and then lower and raise the flaps using the 'TMS' forward and backward button on the joystick to lower and raise in increments. Works very well.

So you put the flap in Hotas 22 (up) and then you move the lever of flaps in the aircraft to the position 1…

I put the grey flap switch to the mid position on the throttle. That then enables the TMS hat on the joystick to move the flaps up or down for each press forward or backwaRd.

You’ll obviously need to bind the controls to do that yourself, using the flap switch on the throttle as a modifier that when in the middle position enable the TMS hat on the stick to then activate the flap positions.
In simple terms, I move the hotas throttle flap switch to the middle position when starting msfs and leave it there. I then only need to use the hotas TMS switch for flap position while in the game. Remember to put the throttle flap switch back to forward for playing DCS and other sims.
No need to then use the mouse to move the flaps in the sim cockpit as you just use your right thumb on the hotas TMS switch.

Thank you. I put the grey flap switch to the mid position on the throttle, and then I can move to each position of flaps with the lever. But also if I enable 12 on Hotas, I can also move to each position with 12.
Is correct that in DCS is another history.

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