Advanced LOD slider

These videos are not RL, they were made with MSFS… possibly, they used a GPU from space, or tweaked the video frame rate ? I don’t know and it’s off topic here, to speculate about that. You’re right, as a result of these crispy videos, hoards of users expect MSFS to run 35-60Fps on a 2060S, it simply can’t provide that quality.

In fact, top scenery quality is the whole point here. I want that super quality back for the user as Ultra mode, to make proper screenshots and prepare for our future RTX 4080 / i12 / 64MB PC’s… MSFS can do it, but because of frame rate considerations, things got tuned down. My proposal is to leave the best quality in. It should be an option, even if your board cannot render it quickly…

With MX330 on HP-Envy, I still see that annoying box every day. But it won’t terminate the application, I can fly around 20FpS on my laptop. Maybe your old PC had a GF 640 board ? Or an old driver wouldn’t grab the initialisation… or it could not do the terrain tesselation in 2MB GPU memory… Developments went very fast, since 2012 things improved drastically.

Holy Cow!!! Many Thanks Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums Been an amazing day all around. That video got reposted on badGamr’s youtube channel. Can’t thank you enough. Just happy to share, and help anyone achieve similar

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Haha thank YOU for your UserCfg.opt LOD scaling suggestion ! I’m gonna try it out tonight when I’m home.

I’ve changed the opening… let’s cross link our topics, I think there’s demand for features to change quality and set it to MAX performance or MAX quality… we should be able to have more control over that.

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I’d be very happy to, not sure how

You bet. Vote +1

A still key would be nice too… suppose you could set some super-LOD, then take the screen shot… you go 4 FpS (who cares) a toggle the key to get back… and proceed flight !


I think it’s a good time to up vote this topic. Especially now when current 200 LOD limitation is not what it was in SU4.
Now to get same 200 you have to get into the game files and adjust it there (multiple threads on forum how to do it).

Let us do it in game. Should go well with this option as well.

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I think it is a must after SU5

As the title says, while the game looks and performs incredibly well (at least in my pc) after WU VI, there is still something that bothers me, which is that textures and mountains, from far away, look blurry or have very little detail, even at max graphics.

Same goes for the morphing mesh of the mountains, from airliners you can see how they morph as you get close to them and texture quality increases.

My PC is running the game at 60fps, I can get more juice from it, so I would love to have a slider that increases the distance of texture and meshes for all terrain, I want to look at that mountain in the distance and see it at max detail, not blurry, even if that costs me 20fps.

I know I am being a bit picky, but these would make a huge difference for me and I believe those with pc master race pc’s (=most of the flight sim community xD) would agree.

PS: I know in user.cfg you can change the terrain LODs, but for some reason that does not affect, as far as I can see, the distance at which Bing sends you the maximum LOD textures/meshes.

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I do not believe this is a fact or even remotely close to.

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I’m commenting here to help the visibility of this thread.
2 years after launch and still we have noticeable tree draw limits, windsocks and gables popping into view at very close range (on short final in some instances), and other limited draw ranges.

Let the user opt in to extend the draw distances, from within the sim! I want to see these airport details (windsocks, gables, main buildings) flying overhead at 1500’, and a couple of NM out from the airfield, NOT at 100m or less before touchdown.

Not seeing multiplayer aircraft landing gear until it’s 50ft away is a bummer.
Kills any emersion.

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We shouldn’t have to set TLOD to a very high setting and thus downloading “everything” in the radius (killing performance) to achieve selectively drawing trees/objects/etc at a distance that works for us.

Surely this could be done in a better way. It was prior to SU5. Could some of this data be stored offline, e.g. Tree positions, object positions - these are static objects.

Remember all you’re doing is downloading the location data. The models etc are stored locally.

The sim prioritises what is in your view field, and tries to dump stuff realistically outside of your view field, until you turn your head, which is what the scenery cache setting is for.

How would you go about it then, if the user doesn’t have input to the draw range?

Thanks for your response - it’s good to keep this debate going with different perspectives.

Having read my post again, I may not have been clear with the point I was trying to make.

The user should be able to set the draw distance of each object type, however to do that now you have to first off set the TLOD which defines your max draw distance because this gets the object location data, and then you use the individual object detail setting to determine the object detail and draw distance (up to TLOD) - all as per Sebs explanation on various dev Q&A.

There are a few issues with this - the main one being that the TLOD setting itself has become an FPS slider due to the way it impacts CPU. Not sure what the issue is, bandwidth, network layer, server side… but should be investigated.

For example, detailed night lighting, to see distant night lights you have to set TLOD to say 400, but this setting then downloads data we don’t need or can see and also impacts performance.

I understand that assets are held locally but my question was, why can’t we just store this location data locally too and just check for delta. Surely this would reduce the network layer impact of TLOD - in fact wasn’t this what manual cache was supposed to do, but this has been left to gather dust.

Personally I think TLOD should only pull down the satellite imagery (ortho). Everything else should be detached and where possible stored as a local asset (location data).

I think the location data of objects is streamed with the ortho tiles. The data set would be far too large to store locally for the entire world, which is why I think it’s done that way.

The only real way I can see our group here being satisfied is for those sliders to be made individually for each group of items. So one for buildings, one for trees, one for grasses, one for lighting, and finally one for airport objects and other 3rd party addons. Even if that was only available via the .cfg file. That way we would have control over this in more fine detail, and any resource hit would be on us.

I feel that the Xbox world and ideals would interfere with this proposal unfortunately.


There is so much discussion about terrain quality in new updates. So i would say, just let people decide how stable and how their purchased simulator should look like then there will be no discussion like this:


or this:

and the next one:

Adding settings that determine image quality in these cases would be great and would definitely close all these topics.

Please don’t forget to vote.