Advanced LOD slider

It seems Asobo are trying the get the right balance between looks and performance when it comes to draw distance of objects and high resolution ground textures. Currently the maximum LOD range is too small and doesn’t allow people with high end machines to really enjoy the sim at its maximum potential. People should be able to max out their LOD to the horizon and beyond!

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Configurable LOD radius, or at least some lower res distant ground rendering. Took off from o’hare the other day not knowing which side of Chicago it is on, flew up to 1000 feet assuming I’d be able to see where the city centre/skyscrapers are - but no :-(.

I guess you’ll have to put this in another sub-forum, because I see no vote button.

Oops wrong thread, will correct!

I see my earlier comment struck up a movement. Vote yea.

So how do you add a vote function to a thread?

Great thanks!

I thought I read somewhere you can edit the slider bar more in one of the config files, can anybody shed some light on that?

Just looked through forum can’t find the post tho

LOD is too CPU dependant at this stage… especially terrain.

Bump. Asobo need to stop nerfing and instead provide flexibility for users to dial in the settings they want.

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My worry is they are trying to get consistent performance and visuals between the PC and Xbox versions. Introducing sliders to the PC version only would compromise this - I don’t think they would introduce these kind of sliders to Xbox version as it doesn’t have same cpu/GPU capability

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And why would they do this? To sell more Xbox’es and fewer Windows licenses?

There IS already a LOD slider in the game, Asobo just thinks that people are not able to use it (partially, they seem to be right…). But instead of reducing the max possible draw distance at the highest setting to avoid stupid users selecting to high settings, the should probably replace the slider with “low” to “ultra” settings as for other options. Like that, people without the capable hardware would learn that “ultra” is not for them. Like now, people simply put in on 200 and then complain here that they get stutters and Asobo reduces the distance of 200 to suit them. Wrong approach…

Well there are more Xbox players than pc players. And not having these LOD sliders isn’t going to necessarily put PC owners off from purchasing the sim. It’s really a nice to have.

Nice idea as long as the ‘ultra’ setting increases LOD more than the maximum ‘200’ we have at the moment. We’re looking for a level of detail the beta testers have been describing in these forums. If you have the machine then you should be able to experience the sim at its absolute maximum

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You bet. Vote +1

A still key would be nice too… suppose you could set some super-LOD, then take the screen shot… you go 4 FpS (who cares) a toggle the key to get back… and proceed flight !


I think it’s a good time to up vote this topic. Especially now when current 200 LOD limitation is not what it was in SU4.
Now to get same 200 you have to get into the game files and adjust it there (multiple threads on forum how to do it).

Let us do it in game. Should go well with this option as well.

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I think it is a must after SU5

I do not believe this is a fact or even remotely close to.

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