Aermacchi MB-339 release is near!


Same guys who did the very good free MB-339 for DCS World.

Probably gonna get the lite; if I want a study level fighter, I’ll pay for DCS stuff. Looks great tho.

The fast explorer I’ve been needing!

This looks VERY good.

Yeah, can’t wait. Specially curious to see how it handles high speeds! Heard MSFS isn’t well optimized for faster jets yet!

Hyped for this

Im hopeful, they opened it up to beta testers last week and made a point of explaining that they made numerous changes and updates based on the feedback - definitely the way to go!

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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This will be unbelievably fun especially in VR!

Cold & Dark Start here. Review Incoming.


This is now available on SimMarket.

Question is, do I wait for Orbx Direct version, MSFS marketplace or do I commit to manually updating :hot_face:

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Its a very nice product. My thoughts here.


Good vid trevo, I just finished your LongEZ review not more than an hour ago!

So you are the same person who’s known as NOTAM on youtube who’s been making all these videos!

Really been enjoying your MSFS reviews and tutorials. Just letting you know :slight_smile:

Yes, the gigs up, thanks Evidence.

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Good review here IMO from a RL pilot
. I have the Aermacchi myself and am well happy with it and I think the review sums it up nicely