Aerolite 103 : ADF not working

The orange LCD is off. However I still can see some YouTube videos where the instrument LCD is on.

Any solution?

It’s always shown on for me, but I’ve heard it doesn’t work.

Parts of the ADF works and part of it doesn’t. The part that doesn’t work for me are the buttons to set the frequency. I had to use a 3rd party app to dial in the frequency. Since setting the frequency is needed for proper operation this breaks the ADF.

The good news is that once the ADF frequency is entered, the ADF picks up the signal and the signal strength meter works correctly. It took me a few minutes to find the ADF card… it does work like a traditional ADF which always points to the ADF beacon, the pointer rotates with the aircraft. Maybe it makes it easier to use. To fly to a beacon, just turn the aircraft so the arrow points to the top.

FWIW I didn’t remove my add-ons before testing this.

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For some strange reason the Aerolite 103 is completely non-responsive to the throttle (HOTAS Warthog). Keyboard throttle (F2/F3) works but is not very practical.
The throttle works fine on any other aircraft, but there is no response for the Aerolite at all and with that, I can’t fly it :frowning:
Anyone else experienced this issue?

Since SU7 there have been reports that certain aircraft (mostly Third Party but some Asobo as well) lost Throttle Mappings if the Power Lever is mapped to “Throttle Axis.” Try remapping it to “Throttle 1.” Note that if you don’t build a separate Throttle Control Hardware Profile in the Controls Menu, this will affect all planes you fly, and the results may not be good. Build one specific to the Aerolite for now, and you can reuse it for any other planes you find that have the Throttle 1 defect.

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