Aeroplane Heaven Chipmunk on its way (And now released)

As a lifelong fan of the de Havilland Chipmunk, I am extremely happy to notice that AH is saying the MSFS version is imminent. Check out their Facebook page today (June 13, 2022), and see many screenshots. Both the UK birdcage and Canadian bubble canopies are included.


That is great news. My only worry is the sound package.

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Just a bit of helium and you‘re good to go.


I trained on the UK ones a lifetime ago. I will be very happy to get these :star_struck:

Ohh, delightful! I’ve always been a fan of the Chippy. Very neat little stick and rudder trainer.

From the AH page:

Sounds are Hi-Fidelity authentic Gypsy engine and all the cockpit sounds are there. Authored in WWise, the exterior sounds are there when the canopy is opened. We have also recorded the characteristic bang of the cartridge starter.

The sound issues with earlier planes were in part due to them not having a good sound resource, because there aren’t many experts offering MSFS WWise sound creation services. They have someone now – they already mentioned this with the DC-3 updates.


Hoping this is good, I spent a lot of time with the Chippy in FSX.

If the sounds are good and the bug list short I would consider it.


I’m quite looking forward to this! Glad they’ve started using the higher-quality sound mode; sound issues were my only real complaint about their Cessna 140. :slight_smile:

First plane I ever flew, 50 years ago!
Day one purchase for me … :slight_smile:


Me too, St Mawgan early 80’s

It’s a shame about Rick Piper’s Chippie (though fully understandable) and that it didn’t make it to the sim as a proper 2020 model, only using the converter.

I do like the AH Chipmunk for FSX/P3D and it really evokes memories of my own experiences with 5 AEF in the late '70’s/early '80’s - and hopefully in a couple of years again! - but I would have liked to have seen Rick’s model published for the sim.

Wasn’t there a long thread about this one from a few months back, with everyone reminiscing?

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Luckily without the nausea :face_vomiting:

Ah I have to get this. Air Cadet memories!

Excellent news. My older brother actually owns and flys a chipmunk in real life out of Farnborough. He keeps asking me to go up in it with him but I’m too terrified :rofl:.

I’ll go up in this one though for sure.

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I remember that thread but I think it was a bunch of us reminiscing about Air Cadets in the Bulldog or Tutor thread. I completely forgot about Rick Piper’s Chippy. I flew that one about in FSX a fair bit as well. I enjoyed a bunch of stuff from CBFS over the years. Dave Garwood ported over his Hunters to MSFS the other day in kinda related news.

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Now the eternal question… what does imminent mean? In my mind that’d be this weekend. Could be 3 months from now though. That term is applied broadly by addon devs. Fingers crossed for this weekend though.

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If they have a Wwise SME now, maybe there is hope they can fix the engine sound on the F3F-2. But I realize that is not likely.
I will probably pick up the Chipmunk, I know nothing about the aircraft, but that genre appeals to me. Hope someone comes out with a Tiger Moth soon.

They don’t really have any track record of making improvements to previous releases after the first couple of months post-launch, at least that I’ve seen. It’s just on to the next release.


There’s one in the works by Ant’s Airplanes. He made a brilliant one for FSX/P3D and I’m really looking forward to the MSFS version.

Basic trainer made by deHavilland Canada after WW2 and used by quite a lot of air forces around the world. It’s a lovely little plane and the FSX version was a joy to fly.