Aeroplane Heaven DC-3 for MSFS

Way back when AH was going to release this they did a video about the sound. This is a full Wwise sound pack created by a pro sound designer.

I just hope MS lets them release the paintkit… Is it too early to start requesting liveries? :slight_smile:

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Really dying to see how good or bad this one is.
Two looooong days

I suppose that to ask an deep engine simulation like the Manfred Jahn’s C47 is demand too much to this version, isn’t?

was best ever,a shame it is not in 2020…as a betatester at this one i still miss it…i like to pay for this one if it ever comes back inkl. all features :heart_eyes:

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That’s an understatement. Their P-51 is only acceptable with a 3rd party sound pack.


As a free plane the cfgs and xmls should be open for modding, so there is hope :slight_smile:

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I know, first route is going to be Meigs too Duxford UK, with usual stop overs

I woke up this morning thinking the 40th Edition was shipping today. DANGIT.

It should… I hope someone at MS thought to update the packaging process for new “stock” aircraft so we don’t have to start a request topic.

Do we have it tomorrow ?


Release times:

  • Seattle: 8:00AM (PST)
  • New York: 11:00AM (EST)
  • São Paulo: 1:00pm (BRT)
  • London: 4:00pm (BST)
  • Amsterdam: 5:00PM (CET)
  • Cape Town: 6:00PM (SAST)

Thank you for the answer.

It will be a long journey until we can fly that beauty.

My SSDs are bracing for impact. Good thing I have my community folder linked to another drive through Addon linker. That way, the hefty 40GB damage that comes with this update will not affect the drive where my community folder is lol.

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When I built my new system I put in a 4TB SSD because the 2TB SSD I had devoted to MSFS was down to 250GB left.

Stupid and my “collector habit.” :wink:

I expect I’ll be devoting a lot of space to DC-3 liveries. I’m sure we’ll see them either way, but I really hope AH is able to release the paintkit for this.


Liveries take a lot of space. They add up! My hats off to people who claim “they don’t use liveries”.

unpopular opinion (almost blasphemy): I love the look of a GNS530 in a dusty and cracky DC3 cockpit. I HAD TO SAY IT! sorry… sorry…I know… its weird… but I like it! maybe because it’s a sign that it’s still alive and operative… maybe because it the best from two worlds…, maybe it’s the steampunk look, I don’t know…

Sorry, I’m really sorry… but I like it.


Hey, just wanted to say we’re back in GMT in the UK now

Looks and sounds great. Flies nicely too however is it me or is it extremely floaty at too low airspeeds? Even at default loads which is quite a bit it really flies/floats too easy?

Besides that i have to say it did really beat my expectations. Only flown the retrofit sofar and it’s a treat.


That’s great to know as I really was hoping it would be half decent.

Will be trying it out later.

Are there already additional liveries somewhere?