Aeroplane heaven electra

Could someone tell me if this plane is a wip (work in progress) or is this really it? Shame on me for not taking the bad reviews seriously but i like vintage planes and thought how bad can it be. I see some people reacting on texture issues and I would maybe not put that on the top of my list. My dissapointments on this is the sound and how “off” it is. I mean, like it doesnt react much to prop rpm or the prop animations when you shut down the engines. The props have stopped but the sound keeps rolling as if the props were still rotating slow towards a stop. The sound feels like it is just playing without it considering where you are or where you turn your head. The external sounds feels the same. Flight dynamics…Im no expert but it felt i was flying a kite and not somewhat heavy plane. Like I said im no expert and I think I should find out if I am doing something wrong before run my mouth off on how bad this addon is. Should I put the legacy setting to on in msfs settings? I havent found much forum materials on this addon and I wonder if it is just a kind of early release and fixes will come in patches?

Last week they said they gonna give us an “upgrade” but now it’s 1 week later and friday afternoon 6pm in Australia and they haven’t even posted 1 thing into the electra thread, so either the “upgrade” has been delayed or they abandoned the project already. And don’t use legacy settings, thats just how that plane is at the moment. The electra in its current state is an early access release at best, but keep in mind that the cessna 140 which they have released back in june still has the same issues that people brought up back then, and that one even has the same cockpit sounds as the electra. But a professional wwise soundkit costs money which AH apparently isn’t willing to invest, so I assume the so called upgrade wont include new sounds but merely fix the existing issues such as INOP ADF and INOP PITOT HEATER

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Thanks for this info.I’ve been uming and uring over the Electra.Think I’ll leave it for now.

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I would stick to the existing pretty active thread on this.

No idea where this is coming from. Flight dynamics are the high point of the product for me. It’s slightly sensitive in pitch but it has a lot of elevator real estate so that doesn’t surprise me.

I must agree with the post above that if would be better to just use the existing thread that has hundreds of posts, there’s no point in having multiple threads rehashing the same topics.

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Seeing as the other thread went sideways and got shut down, are there any updates on this plane? I would love to see it as a fully working product as I’m very keen on if the community can bring the stats up to Amelia Earhart’s modified 10E version since Aeroplane Heaven oddly doesn’t seem interested in the obvious historical significance.

Nope. No updates by AH, interestingly enough also ZERO information and ZERO communication from AH’s side. Don’t waste your money on this, the electra was just a quick cash grab attempt resulted by the 1930s hype the JU-52 release brought upon us. I’d not be surprised if they just moved on from this project and concentrate on the DC-3 again

I hope, the DC-3 is getting more developer love…

No updates yet but the Spitfire Mk1A just got quite a handsome update which gives me hope for the Electra.

To reiterate my request in the now-dead thread: If someone could do a camera mod for this, it would be a great service…

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If the expected update is any good I will buy the plane and also make a camera mod for it of course. Since this plane is not exactly cheap, I will hold off until I have some feedback from the people who own it first whether it’s worth the money after the update.


While I know there are may other issues related to the Aeroplane Heaven Electra, I took some time to create a quick mod to reduce the teeth-rattling volume of the engines at least. Here’s a link for anyone interested:


So I guess this aircraft is never getting an update after all. Kinda felt this was going to happen

Don’t feel bad y’all who bought it. Aeroplane Heaven(Hell) got me once too in P3d.

This was posted by the Dev 7 days ago in the Spit MKI topic

“There is a full Service Upgrade coming for the Electra, addressing many of the issues people have. SU6 has changed quite a bit and allowed things like the Sperry and ADF to operate properly now. Your opinion on textures is entirely subjective.”

Subjective to have 10 years old style texture ?? yeah right. either way. They are not going to update the texture work. So there is no point of arguing about it.


I actually really love the MKI but after seeing the company’s behavior, choices, and cash-grab attempt, I would not buy another plane from them.


Beware that if you request an refund for the purchase of the Aeroplane Heaven (Hell) Electra from simMarket, simMarket will then close down your account and you will lose access to all earlier purchases.

simMarket who is connected with Aeroplane Heaven (Hell) does only want happy and silent customers!

In my case Paypal refunded me for the Electra and all earlier purchases at simMarket.
I will never again buy anything more from Aeroplane Heaven (hell).

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Such a shame - this release could have been saved with some prompt action on their part. They had an ‘update coming next week’ comment on their Facebook page four weeks ago that has since removed.

No faith at all in them now.

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Such a shame, all this because they could not be bothered to talk to their customers. You know the things that are not working on the plane are bizarre as they work on other planes? But we all know the SIM is still a WIP, the SDK is very much a WIP and although Matt from WT/Asobo has said the SDK and the SIM can right now handle complex add-ons if AH had of communicated I feel most people would of been ok with it.

But no they had to put ego and silly business sense before their customers and now look… Refunds coming out of their Wazooo, both silly and sad… Never buying their stuff again, and I got a refund for this plane from Just Flight.