Aerosoft A330

I’m wondering about the Aerosoft A330 and when it will be released to MFS2020. It’s really important for me because of my hours and love for the A330. If anyone find anything it’d be greatly appreciated if you helped me out.


Here is what Mathijs Kok said about MS products;

“So to be clear on MFS aircraft projects… our plan is to do the CRJ first, Twin Otter next (that one is seriously intended for the use on the Xbox) and then one of the Busses. Most likely the 320. Moving to a NEO model is considered.”

Anything about the A330 specifically?

Here is the article. 330 is said to be after the 220.

Hi everyone, does anybody know the latest with the Aerosoft A330? I know the CRJ was there main project initially but now that’s been released I’m hoping for some news on the a330. The A330 looks amazing on p3d but I’ve been waiting for it to come to MSFS. Any knowledge of the current stage of development would be greatly received. Thanks

I think the A330 development is on a good way, but I don´t think that we can enjoy the big bus before next summer. Thats my thought. Asobo and the MSFS2020 development with its SU´s make it really hard for developers like PMDG and Aerosoft… sadly.

I would be very surprised if they will release it in the early ´2022.

The last they said on their forums was that a beta was a good few months away yet.

yes very keen on a study level a330. the headwind a330-900 on is a very nice model including a330 flightdeck with lots of nice liveries which keeps me happy until then. if you dont have it already.

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Right nOw they are working hard on the twin otter.
After that I believe they said the A330 would be next.

The Twotter project does not affect the work on the A330 at this moment. Different people. But indeed, Twin Otter first and A330 next. Things are going well, we have three people on the modeling and three on the systems and I am about to add more staff for sounds and flight models.


Aerosoft is a very good development team with beautyfully rendered and detailed virtual cockpits. I have confidence that their A330 will be a great bird in the hangar.
I can still remember the first plane I bought from Aerosoft was an A-10 for FS2004 delivered on a disk - time really flies by…

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Thanks for all your contributions and updates guys. I really cannot wait for this aircraft to be released. The A330 is my favourite aircraft and I know that Aerosoft will do it justice. I had the Aerosoft A319/320/321 for FSX and it was incredible.

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Hi community,

I’m not sure if it’s news to everyone but it was for me. Today I asked about the current development agenda of Aerosoft and if they are still planning with the A320/321 for next release or the A330 instead. They confirmed the A330 is next! :partying_face: (but after a well deserved break, flying around their Twin Otters I suppose.)


I can´t wait to fly a good long-haul Jetliner in the SIM. Default 787 and 747 are a joke for enthusiasts and professionals.

But I think it don´t came out before summer. :frowning:

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Let them fix the CRJ first …

Under and overshooting LNAV for almost one year now ( happy anniversary :slightly_frowning_face:)

They are not even commenting on the forum about this anymore probably letting the subject starve

Horrible … they will never have one more € from me … not for the twotter … not for an A330

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Mine is working properly since the last update after su7

Well check the AS forum … the LNAV still does not work correctly and explained very well by various persons. And acknowledged by AS as a bug also … so actually its weird it is working for you lol :joy:

The A330 is some sleek and stylisch bird, reminding me of the Boeing 767.

But there is one spot in the cockpit that makes me curious: What instrument is implemented in this round element - but left out in the A330? I thought all Airbus are using TFT screens. Is this a placeholder where an analogue backup artificial horizon can be used?

I believe it was used for the loudspeakers.