Aerosoft comments on SDK Progress

Since there are people around here that like to spread the misleading perception that Asobo is somehow neglecting the SDK and not doing enough on that front, here’s what Aerosoft Product Manager Mathijs Kok had to say today.

"I know it is all rather subtle, but if you see these images at full resolution (click on them) you will understand why we do not rush this release. Graphically this is really a step beyond what P3D V5 can do. Not only in speed (measured in polygons per second shown) but the shading and lighting are on par with the best games at this moment. We REALLY want to use every option there is.

But as Hans shown, we still need some love from Asobo to solve problems. But many (many!) issues have been solved in talking to them. The people at Asobo are really amazing and we are sure they will make our release using all the options the new sim has to offer possible."


Good info.

In other news that RJ might be the first payware aircraft I ever buy…


I had it on P3D, it’s a nice add on, just needs some “wing flex” (Hans, in case you see this, just a bit of banter)

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Word is that the wingflex of a CRJ can be observed with an electron microscope. :wink:


Will def get the CRJ. Sim is certainly lacking a regional jet for short distances and shorter rwys


LOL. 3rd Party developers themselves are saying that Asobo is putting plenty of effort in the SDK and you come to pollute the thread with misinformation trying to sell the false perception that they aren’t?

There’s a limit to trolling.


So it sounds like the SDK has room to grow and get better. But it’s encouraging that Aerosoft thinks Asobo has been able to solve many problems with Aerosoft already.


I am glad that Aerosoft is happy about the SDK. Here is the comment from PMDG’s Randazzo

“Chris- MSFS is so far behind on it’s ability to support what we do- it is going to be a REALLY long time before we see you there. I love MSFS but it’s ability to support products like ours is… woefully inadequate. They are chipping away at it- but it is going to be a long, long wait. - RSR”

Don’t you wanna fly PMDG airliners?


Thanks! I’m sure Asobo has made the SDK a priority. But we should let Asobo know that they should prioritize the SDK even further and make it one of their top 3 priorities!


LOL. The post you quoted is talking about textures and shading. The SDK and its current deficiencies are about much more than visual issues.

It’s not that the SDK is rubbish or that it is not being worked on at all, it’s a fear that it is not being developed as fully and quickly in the airplane and flight model area as was initially envisioned, as evidenced by FlightSimLabs and PMDG (yes, 3rd party developers) remarks. I may be wrong, but my opinion is this is because Asobo is having to spend a lot more time and resources on quashing bugs than they initially planned.


In no shape or form that says that they’re not putting enough effort on the SDK as that ridiculous vote based on nothing alleges.

If you want to quote Randazzo, maybe you shouldn’t quote only what fits a false narrative.

We are now a few months beyond the initial release of MSFS, and yes, we are seeing a sharp up-tick in the rate at which the features we need are being implemented to MSFS and we are working hand-in-glove with our friends at Asobo to identify problems, knee-knockers, dead-stop items and the like as we move the 737 into MSFS. (Working in concert with Asobo has been a new experience for us, as we are normally very much just our own isolated team- but it has been invigorating to work with a team of devs so fully dedicated to the success of their platform. One day I will tell you what this is like and how it is changing the way we work.)

Every third party developer who has commented on the work Asobo is doing on the SDK has said pretty clearly that they’re working really hard on it.

Yes. You’re wrong.

Kok is talking about working with Asobo on the SDK as a whole. No third-party developer ever mentioned that Asobo isn’t working as fully and quickly as they would like on the SDK. They simply recognized that there are missing features, but ALL praised Asobo on what they’re doing.


Trolling? What are you talking about? Why are you getting so worked up?


Coming to a thread about a developer praising Asobo about the work they’re doing with the SDK trying to sell the idea that they aren’t doing enough is the very definition of trolling.

PS: Pointing out that yours is an entirely false narrative does not imply being “worked up.”


There’s no need to derail the topic. PMDG quite unfortunately prematurely announced their hopeful release of their 737 Line-up - yet Aerosoft, another high quality and long standing developer is going to manage a full rebuild of the CRJ this year? While I’m sure the CRJ has less overall system complexity than the 73NG’s, it’s no simple project either. I think the rather sudden change in PMDG’s stance is not something that sprung up on them. Initial free marketing when announcing a fully fledged aircraft (initially hopefully) by the end of the year must’ve been through the roof. :man_shrugging:


Thanks! :+1:t2:

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Why include an old statement as if it was intentionally left out of the quoted post of which is was not part of? Here is the current status:

  • PMDG 737NG3 for MSFS: We still expect this product to be 12+ months away based upon the condition and trajectory of MSFS.

Sounds to me like it isn’t progressing as fast as initially envisioned.

Jeez, if it makes you feel better I also praise Asobo for what they are doing. But I would also prioritize adding to and completing the SDK over things like removing a press to start button.


If you think Randazzo suddenly changed idea over a month, you’re a bit naive.

Why including that quote? because it’s actually the only one that says how Randazzo feels about the work done by Asobo and with Asobo on the SDK. The rest is simply a factual assessment of the fact that the SDK isn’t yet in the condition to support something as complex as PMDG’s 737 (which isn’t surprising at all, since it took literally several years for products with that level of complexity to be made available on other sims).

No developer, at all, ever mentioned that Asobo is working slower than they could. All indicate the opposite.

Calling for a vote for them to somehow do it faster is ludicrous and out of touch.


it is good to hear some positive feedback from the developers. Most likely, 3rd parity developers usually not willing to give any comments because of their business relationship with Asobo.

Therefore, we just try to let Asobo know what their customer concern about and what we want.

Even they already work hard on the SDK development, it did not make any conflict with what we do. We just let them know they are doing the right things.

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Asobo is working directly together with the third-party developers, who I’m quite sure are pretty vocal in telling them what they need and how they need it.

They really don’t need you to speak on their behalf. They have a more direct channel to do so, and quite obviously they do it all the time, and they’re being listened to.

The “3rd parity developers usually not willing to give any comments because of their business relationship with Asobo” part makes no sense. They don’t need to praise Asobo’s work, and yet they do. If their experience was less than positive, they’d at the very least say nothing.

The truth is that Asobo works with third-party developers directly, which is something developers of other commercial simulators do NOT do. As Randazzo of PMDG says himself.

“Working in concert with Asobo has been a new experience for us, as we are normally very much just our own isolated team - but it has been invigorating to work with a team of devs so fully dedicated to the success of their platform.”

This alone should give you an idea of Asobo’s dedication to providing support to third-party devs, which is superior to any other commercial flight sim, since their developers usually just ignore third-parties.


I fly the CRJ1000 in the real world. You can see the wings flex with your bare eyes… From the cockpit you can clearly see that the tips are much higher than they are on the ground. These pictures are obviously not taken from the same height, but you can clearly see that in flight the wings flex.