Aerosoft EBBR Brussels Airport

August 2020, Aerosoft announced there Aerosoft EBBR Brussels Airport. What about ??? :worried:

Still WIP, not done yet, but getting there. Check the Aerosoft forum, they are sharing new previews every now and then. Also, this might be interesting for you, interview with the EBBR developer Jo Erlend Sund:

Official Thread: Aerosoft Airport: Brussels International (for MFS) - Page 46 - Product Previews - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES

Jo has not worked uniquely on Brussels but progress is good and it should not take too long now. And believe me (I got the last beta on my disk) it looks ■■■■■■ good. As with most of our projects you can follow the progress in our preview forum.

Releasing tomorrow! And some YouTubers have done a few previews. The airport looks absolutely stunning - just perfection. I cannot wait for the VDGS system and the pushback countdown timer. I will be checking the Aerosoft store frequently tomorrow to see when it becomes available!

What a great week for flight simmers- streamers can finally share the PMDG 737, Wellington releases, Brussels tomorrow, what next!?


Just released! Downloading now.

Any thoughts on when this might be available on either Orbx on Contrail?

How is your performance?

I get stutters… I wonder if my X3900 is not powerful enough anymore for bigger sceneries

I installed it and everything seems pretty good. One thing though, I have AIG running at 100% but cant see any heavies at the airport, it has plenty of 320, a few 220 and some embrarers.

The trailer had a good deal of them, any pointers will be quiet helpful.

Petformance is good, better as for example at heathrow on my system. VDGS also works fine.

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It is available via Contrail right now, but the VDGS needs to be downloaded through Aerosoft One.

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I kinda regret buying this from Justsim before. It’s my home airport so I might consider switching. But the Justsim one was quite pricey :frowning:

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You wont regret this. Beside the wonderful NZ Airports due to nature etc. is Brussel the best Airport in Europe. As a neighbour I have to bought it.


This VDGS thing is really fun to handle. :slight_smile:

Does this airport feature a tower interior? I’ve noticed Aerosoft who charge some of the highest prices for Airports don’t usually do a tower interior at all. No lighting nothing. Can someone please post a picture of the tower if possible? Thanks! Also how is performance and are there static aircraft plastered everywhere? Can we disable the static aircraft via OrbX? Rest looks awesome from what I have seen and the VDGS system is a pleasant surprise!

Aerosoft doesn’t work with OrbX, they have their own distribution channels. Why do you think it can be configured through OrbX Central?

I thought Aerosoft was an official partner on OrbX? I just assumed because OrbX Central allows this scripting through the launcher itself.

The tower is not modeled inside, but it’s really not a feature I miss at this airport. There are a good number of static aircraft but it is not too much and you really don’t feel it gets in the way at all. Lately, since the airport is new there has been a lot of live traffic coming and going and the airport has an amazing sense of being alive.

The VDGS works wonderfully. I have used a few gates and each time it comes on and accurately guides us in to a perfect stop. Also, the off block time of departure notification is such a great addition to realism!

One thing I did note that was amusing is that the jetways do not dock perfectly to Aerosoft’s own CRJ700. But it did dock very well to the FBW A32NX. I can’t seem to get any airport to dock appropriately to my CRJ for some reason. The rubber closing always just stays vertical and never closes down into the airframe.

RE: Performance - I have noticed that the CPU/main thread load is pretty high no matter what I do with LOD or settings. It is quite the busy airport! My CPU latency is in the high 20’s and no matter how high I change the rendering to put more load on the GPU, it really doesn’t help like at other airports. Inevitably there is some stutter then even with Vsync on 30fps but it may be slightly better than either having Vsync at 60fps (which doesn’t do much good) or off completely, but it doesn’t really detract from the experience. Note: this is testing on an i7-9700k / MSI 3700 8GB / m2 NVME / 64GB RAM.

I have yet to fully test this on my newer system, which is a 12th gen i7 and 3080…

After I did this, I then went back over to Wellington and noted the much lower CPU latencies and similarly lower GPU latencies. Wellington, I can control much easier whether I am CPU or GPU limited which comes in handy sometimes. Actually, almost all airports I have tested allow higher renderings to limit us to GPU and effectively reduce stutters. Brussels is the first airport I have come across where the CPU loading is high… and stays there no matter where LOD are set and rendering set. I am curious to know others experience!


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Loving it, and getting good frame rates too despite the ton of details. Have had an initial play around with the VDGS, and seems to be very good. One minor disappointment though: in the previews on YT there was a big Tintin moon rocket display in the more modern of the two piers/terminals. Looks like it has been replaced by this ugly thing (what is that even?). Maybe a copyright issue?

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The moon rocket thing is there somewhere from what I remember. It’s in one of the side wings off to one side. Tbh It’s so vast that I am unable to give you precise directions but it’s definitely there.

Bought the airport today. I like it a lot. The Schengen terminal is very close to real life on the inside. The Tintin moon rocket is pretty much on the spot where it is in real life, in the connection between the main building and Schengen terminal.

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