Aerosoft/Limesim Berlin Brandenburg EDDB has landed - BUT better save the money!

Berlin arrived at Aerosoft for appox. 20 euros.
But it is NOT worth the money.

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If it were close to IRL Aerosoft should’ve delayed the release by about 3 years and charge triple the price :smiley:


That would be amazing realistic simulator ever! :rofl:

Why still indicated as Berlin Schonefeld on the world map?

Very disappointing!
It is far from a masterpiece.
Life is missing here.
Cold atmosphere and poor quality overall with a few exceptions.
Departure is probably the best way to get out of Berlin Brandenburg.
I will not come back anymore.
Absolute waste of money.

Same here, feels unfinished. At night time, there are lots of wrong placed lights. When u start on some GA Parkpositions, the plane can’t move from there away. Sadly I was to fast in buying it yet.

Rubbish for € 20.

Here is my vidéo review for that scenery… If that Can help to make an opinion on it , i ll be happy.

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Hey there.
I agree. Hoping for another developer to create a new EDDB scenery one day.
For some time now I have experienced a RWY-light issue at EDDB. RWY-Lights are there if I spawn in at EDDB, but if I approach the airport after a flight from somewhere else, RWY lights are not visible at all and taxiway lights are hovering a few feet above the ground. This occurred suddenly without any changes or new addons in my community folder. Is anybody else having that issue with the BER-addon?
Greetings and happy landings!

I have the same problem, did you find a solution with the lights?
happy landings!

Hi! Not really. I uninstalled the scenery, but lights were still not there. They only reappeared after the latest sim update. I am cautious about reinstalling the scenery now. I. hope for another developer to build a better one, hopefylly less heavy on FPS and without that light bug.
If you find a good solution, let me know.
Greetings and happy landings

Brandenburg V2 seems like a huge improvement


Look very nice! Not sure if v2 would be a free update or with additional cost for v1 owners.

Free update, 23rd February


Realised I bought this one via the Marketplace. DOH! Now I’m gonna have to wait 3 months to get this update … slaps forehead

the rooftops and the interior roads looks very ugly and low resolution in this new version

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When I make a flight plan on the MSFS world map I can’t Insert any STAR. Direct arrival only. I guess I’m not alone with that problem. I read about missing STARs at Asobo airports with missing runways or wrong RW IDs , but shouldn’t that problem get fixed by Aerosoft add on?

Is there anything new from EDDB V2 ? It is still not available for me.
When will the product be available for download/update in the content manager ?